Soal Paket 2 Bahasa Inggris Advertisement Kelas 9 SMP TA 2015/2016

 on Saturday, March 19, 2016  

B. Paket 2
Text for no 1-5

Welcome to Singapore's Newest rooms and suites. Soothing, sleek, and streamlined with the latest technology, our newly refurbished interiors raise the city's standard for sophistication. Enhance your enjoyment in two inspired restaurants and the new Alfresco. Discover relaxing spa treatments and unwind with a Workout, tennis Match or outdoor swim. In our astonishingly quiet refuge, just step from Orchard Road, legendary Four Seasons care always promises new delight.

FROM S$ 510


1. What is the streamlined with the latest technology?
     A. The hotel interior.                      C. The newest suites.
    B. The inspired restaurant.               D. The spa treatments.
2. What does it  provide to enhance our enjoyment?
    A. Newly refurbished interiors
    B. The city's standard for sophistication
    C. The two inspired restaurant and the new Alfresco
    D. Relaxing spa treatments and unwind
3. "Soothing, sleek and streamlined with the latest technology ... " The underlined word
     means ....
     A. cool and fresh                C. quiet and calm
     B. hot and noisy                 D. dusty and crowded 
4. The announcement is written for…
    A. the travel consultant        C. the hosts
    B. the quests                                    D. the officers
5. What is being advertised?
    A. Swimming-pool               C. Spa
    B. Restaurant                       D. hotel
Text for no 6-10
A Unique entertainment awaits you!
A special show starts at 3.30 p.m.
For an hour you will witness:
-Crocodiles cleaned up, pacified and persuaded to dance to music.
-A phyton grappling with a man calling round, trying to crush him, but defeated and help up high!

Come all, come and see it now. Gather at poolside
You can visit our Ghost House later.
DON’T MISS THIS Wonderful opportunity
6.   At what time will the show end?
      A. 3.30      B. 4.30             C. 5.30             D. 6.30
7.  What do you think the crowd will react when the snake grapes with a man calling round, trying to crush  him?
      A. Cry loudly                     C. Clap their hands      B. Leave the snake      D. Laugh very loudly
8.   “Come all, come and see it now…..” The word it refers to…
      A.Entertainment     C. Poolside
      B.Ghost house       D. Python
9.   Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Opportunity means……
      A.Show                  B. Time                        C. Change                    D. Chance
10. How long will the show last?
      A. 3 hours              B. 3.30 hours               C. 4 hours                    D. 1 hour

Text for no 11-15       
Sold soon. Espass Mini Bus ’96
Red metalic, Rp. 35.000.000 negotiated.
AC, CD Player, full accessories,
new leather seat, good machine,
CP : Gogon, Jl. Asem Kranji RT 01/12 No 7, Jakarta
Tlp. (021) 7770388

11. What new facility does the mini bus have ?
      A. the seat              B. the color      C. the machine             D. the accessories
12. The social function of the text is …
      A. to describe an Espass mini bus                         
      B. to give information about a mini bus                
      C. to advertise an Espass mini bus
      D. to give description of the car accessories
13. Based on the text we know that the car in the text is..…..
      A. Second hand                 B. sold outC. New                               D. fixed price
14.  The statements below are true, except….
      A.The car is a comfortable car                              
       B.We can contact Gogon if we want to buy it      
      C.We can not bargain it
      D.It is cool inside the car
15.  The similar meaning of the word “soon” is….
A.    Faster B. later C. immediately D. quickly

Text 4 for no 16-20
16. The function of the text is….
  1. To offer Balibeach Golf course                       C. To advertise job vacancy
  2. To persuade people to play golf                      D. To promote new company
17. These followings are requirements for an applicant, expect…
      A. female or male                          C. able to speak English
      B. skillful to operate computer      D. willing to work in a shift time
18. What position is needed?
      A. a waiter                         C. a manager
      B. a stewardess                  D. a waitress
19. Send your application, CV to …What is the other word of the underlined word ?
      A. resume                          C. letter           
      B. reward                           D. certificate
20. The word “Looking for” means……
      A. watching                        C. finding
     B. seeking                           D. searching

Text 5 for no 21-25

21. ABC Car Services is situated at …
      A. Lombong City               C. Bukit Lombong
      B. Lombong street                         D. Lombong Drive
22. It costs … dollar for each van to be washed at ABC Car Services.
      A. three                              C. four
      B. six                                 D. ten
23. “We clean …, at very reasonable price” What is the antonym of the underlined words?
      A. low prices                     C. average prices
      B. very cheap                    D. too expensive
24. How much do we pay to fix the car’s machine?
      A. Eighty rupiahs               C. Ten rupiahs
      B. Eighty dollars                D. Ten dollars
25. How much do the people have to pay If they want to polish the car?
      A. ten dollars                     C. four dollars
      B. twenty dollars                D. six dollars
20. The advertisement above offers…….
          A. Football match                      
          B. footsal competition
          C. boxing competition   
          D. wrestling match
21. Which statements is correct based on the text?
A. We have to pay if we book the ticket after August
B. We will get a discount if we order the ticket before August
      C. We have no pay if we buy the ticket after August
      D. We do not need to pay if we book the ticket before August

Text for no 22-25

This new express train will begin service between Riverdale and Mayfield on October 24. The trip takes five hours on the older, slower train. On the express train it will take only three hours. The express train will have larger, more comfortable seats, and there will be free food for the passengers. There will be two express trains a day between Riverdale and Mayfield. There will also be four regular trains. And be happy with these regular trains because the tickets are cheaper.
22. This text is in the form of …
      A. a notice               
      B. a traffic sign
      C. a memo               
      D. an advertisement
23. Why should people be happy with the regular trains?
      A. They are more comfortable
      B. The tickets are inexpensive
      C. The food tastes better
      D. The seats are larger
24. What is not true about the new express train?
      A. It will begin service on October 24
      B. Passengers have to pay for food
      C. It is faster than the old one
      D. It has comfortable seat
25. The text has a function to …
            A. promote the regular trains only
            B. to persuade people to buy the train
            C. to offer an express train
            D. to attract people with the train services
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