Prediksi Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP TA 2015/2016

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Prediksi Try Out Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP TA 2015/2016

Text for no 1-5  
Experience splendid image quality and true to life viewing experience with the 32" LC32SB21 U 720p LCD HDTV from Sharp"'.
This apliance features a Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 7500:1, fast response time and wide viewing angles 176' for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Its high image brightness of 450 cd/m2 ensures bright and vivid images even near windows, doors or other light sources.
This HDTV features an elegant black cabinet and includes a table stand which can be easily removed for wall mounting applications. An Enhanced Color Filter uses finer points to achieve higher throughput, enabling deeper colors and higher contrast ratio.
It also includes PC Input for conveniently turning your TV into a PC monitor.
With all these features loaded into a single television
The LC32SB21U will provide you the high definition viewing experience that you have always longed for.
Starting price : $ 749.00
Instant saving: $ 280.00
                                                              Subtotal           : $ 469.00
1.       The text is about a product produced by …
A. Monitor                    C. Dynamic
B. LCD                          D. Sharp
2.       Which of the following statements is incorrect based on the text?
A. The product can be changed into a PC monitor
B. The television is unable to be put on the wall
C. If people buy it they will get a cabinet and a table stands
D. It’s high image brightness ensures bright and vivid images
3.       " .... that you have always longed for.
What does the word "You" in the sentence refer to?
A. The readers               C. The producers
B. The sellers                D. The employees
4.   The word “includes” has the similar meaning to….
      A. involves                        C. concludes
      B. excludes                        D. confused
5.   What is being advertised?
      A. LCD                  C. TV
      B. screen                D. Monitor

Text for no 6-8
Whitens your teeth safely and effectively, helping to remove plague and tartar too. Just use daily instead of your normal toothpaste and you will see and feel the difference within days.
Available at pharmacies and department store
4.       What is being advertised? …
A. Dental Clinic            C. Tooth paste
B. Shampoo                  D. Soap
7.   The word “to remove” means…..
      A. to repair                    C. to wash
      B. to clean up                D. to rinse
8.   Based on  the text we can get it in…., except:
      A. drugstore                   C. dispensary
      B. department store       D. market
Text for no 9-12
(at the open field near the Prawn Restaurant)
Daily shows  : 4.00 p.m., 5.30 p.m. 7.00 p.m., 8.30 p.m. (Mondays to Saturdays)
Sunday and Public Holidays :
Special extra show at 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.
Opening             : 1 December 2009 at 8.30 p.m.
Last Day             : 31 December 2009
Tickets               :  Adult Rp 100.000,00; Rp 75.000,00; Rp50.000,00
                              Children (7-12) Rp 40,000,00
                                     Below 7 years free
 9.  The social function of the text above is ....
      A. To describe about the prices of the tickets
      B. To give information the holiday attractions are from India
      C. To entertain people by enjoying the circus
      D. To attract people to come to the circus
10. Which statement incorrect based on the text?
      A. The circus show will last for a month
      B. There are no morning shows in daily shows
      C. The least expensive ticket for adult is Rp 50.000,00
      D. The seven years old children can see the circus without paying
11. Where will the circus show?
      A. in the field                                            C. in the hotel
      B. in a hall near Prawn restaurant              D. in the playground
12. The circus will show at this place for…..
      A. Thirty days                    C. 1 December
      B. thirty one days              D. 31 December

Text 4 for no 13-16
Wanted for big restaurant.
Applicants must be friendly and able to speak English.
Age 16 - 20.
Experience unnecessary.
Excellent pay.
All applications must reach to our office no later than two weeks.
Apply in writing to: SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Jl. Gajah Mada 108, Yogyakarta

Yogya Post / 3rd March 2009
13. Which qualification must the applicant have?
      A. unfriendly                                                  C. experienced                   
      B. fluent English                                             D. excellent
14. The word "unnecessary" is similar in meaning to ....
      A. very urgent                                                     C. not important
      B. not perfect                                                      D. uneasy
15. From the text we know that the deadline of the applications is ... 2009
      A. 3rd March                                                             C. 17th February       
      B. 7th February                                                         D. 17th March
16. How can we apply the job?
      A. By mail                                                           C. By phone
      B. By e-mail                                                        D. on line

Text for no 17-19
Find the correct spelling Pronunciation
more than 80,000 words with this
electronic dictionary
Made of strong plastic
Comes in:
Dark grey and light blue
17. From the text we know that the writer wants to ....
      A. give information about anew complete dictionary
      B. inform the cheap price of a strong plastic dictionary
      C. persuade the readers to buy an electronic dictionary
      D. explain how to use a complete electronic dictionary
18. Which one is NOT TRUE according to the text?
       A. The price of the item is $ 104.50.                    C. The dictionary is made of plastic.
      B. It has more than 80,000 words.             D. One of the item's colors is dark blue.
19. How many colors are the dictionaries available?
      A. 1           B. 2      C. 3      D. 4

Text for no 20-22

The Perfect Club
Full club facilities

Golf special $10 unlimited golf After 3.00 pm

-Free entrance for guests
-Free soft drinks for club members
-Complimentary souvenirs for
Visitors and Golfers always welcome.
Waterfall Way – Bellingen

Phone 6655 1312                         '
Information for members and their guests.
20. How much should the golfers pay when they play golf from 15.00 -17.00?
      A. Fixed $10.                                                           C. Exactly $20.
      B. Less than $10.                                                     D. Free of charge.    
21. What is being advertised?
      A. golf field                                                        C. Golf equipments
      B. Golf Club                                                       D. Golf facilities           
22. The purpose of the text is…
      A. to announce the new golf area                        C. to welcome the visitors and guests
      B. to invite the golfers                                         D. to attract people to join it.
Text 7 for no 23-25
International Development Agency seeking:
1.    Civil Engineering (SI, S2 preferred) for position 1
2.    Community Relation ( SI ) for position 2
3.    3 years experiences in related field
4.    Good English (active)
5.    Computer literate
f@rvahoo, coin
23. What position requires a postgraduate (S2) candidate?
      A. Civil Engineer                                                 C. Civil Engineering      
      B. Community Relation                                       D. Field Coordinator Assistant
24. We have to send the application letter……
      A. along February 2009                                      C. before the first February
      B. after February 8th 2009                                   D. not more than eighth February
25. The text above offers…
      A. a new product                                                 C. an engineer
      B. a job vacancy                                                 D. Field Coordinator assistant.
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