UN Bahasa Inggris Advertisement Kelas 9 SMP TA 2015/2016

 on Friday, March 25, 2016  

Text for no 1-5
Luxury  2 bedrooms
Full Air Conditioner
Private Swimming Pool
Free transport Anywhere
Rp. 1.300.000 /day nett)
Valid 20 May -25 June 2010
Luxury 3 bedrooms Air Conditioner
Private Swimming Pool
Free Transport Anywhere
Rp. 1.600.000/day (nett)
Valid 20 May-25 June 2010
2 bedroom/1 with air conditioner
Living Room
Dining Room
Not far from the beach (about 400 m)
Rp. 3.200.000/month (nett)
Jalan Pura Adhisti no 34-35
CP: Riana 0361 8564377 or 081226543256
1. The above text are about Villas …..
            A. for sale
            B. for rent
            C. to stay with
            D. to build soon.
2. Which of the statement is not true about “RUMAHKOE” Bungalow
            A. The bedrooms in Bungalow are fully air conditioned
            B. we can reserve the Villas via internet
            C. we can look our own dishes
            D. It is close to the beach
3. The following facilities are provided by Villa “JOGLO”, except……
            A. swimming pool
            B. air conditioner
            C. transportation
            D. breakfast
4. Which is the most expensive among the three inns above?
            A. Villa “Gedong”
            B. Villa “Joglo”
            C. Bungalow”Rumahkoe”
            D. Villa in Bali
5. The word “free” in the text means…
            A. the guest must pay for something
            B. the Persons have to spend a little money
            C. the owners of the villa don’t need to pay
            D. the persons have no pay for something

Text for no 6-9
Published rate 1999
Room typeRoom rate
Standard          Rp 197.750
Superior           Rp 249.100
Cottage                        Rp 285.450
Executive         Rp 495.375
Extra Bed         Rp 35.000

No additional charge for children under 12 years old,
sharing room with their parents or guardians.
Check out time is 12.00 noon. Room will be held until 6.00 p.m.
unless guaranteed payment is received.
JI. Panglima Sudirman 127, Batu, Molanq, East Java, Indonesia
6. What is the advertisement about?
A.  Published rate
B. Room type
C. Room rate
D. Hotel Kartika Wijaya
7.  Which room is the most expensive?
A. Standard
B. Superior
C. Cottage
D. Executive
8. How many types of rooms are there in the hotel?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six
9. The word “rate” has the similar meaning to…
            A. rent
            B. charge
            C. fare
            D. fee

Text for no 10-14
There is no limit for your satisfaction
17 National Awards and 51 International Awards
New Honda Jazz still moves forward. With world-beating features and technology.
New Honda jazz is the best car that suits to every youngster.

Do anything, go everywhere! Jazz up your life!!!!
10. Who are the most suitable people to drive tha car?
A.     Young people
B.     Old people
C.     Children
D.     Kids.
11. How many awards did new honda jazz get?
A.     68
B.     51
C.     34
D.     17
12. The word “suites” in the text has the same meaning as....
A.     Appropriate
B.     Uncomfortable
C.     Important
D.     Necessary
13. What is the function of the text?
A.     To tell about Honda Jazz
B.     To explain how to drive Honda Jazz
C.     To advertise  Honda Jazz
D.     To offer your heart.

Text for no 14-17

14. Whose performance made the audience laugh?
A.  Project P                   C.   Sa'unine
B.   Ari Lasso                  D.  DEWA
15. What does the text tell us about?
A.  An exhibition            C.   A concert
B.   A talk show              D.  A Musical
16. Which sentence is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A.  "A mild" in that concert acted as a promoter
B.   The concert was carried out in twenty five islands.
C.   There were three performances on the stage
D.  DEWA got the second turn on the stage
17."The first gig was held in plenary hall Jakarta Convention Center …
The word "gig" in the sentence above means…
A.  performance             C.   concert
B.   companion                D.  place

Text for no 18-20
Company Closing Down
All items must go!

                                    15-20 September 2009                        09 am-09.30 pm

Smith Electronic PTE LTD
 Jl. Malioboro Yogyakarta

29" Color TV                           Ava Sound System                  Freezer AC
Original 3 millions                   Original 7 millions                   1,3 millions       1.2 million                 
Now 1.2 millions                      Now 3 millions                        disc 10%           disc 5%
Washing machines, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Shavers, Printers at cost prices
18. How long do we have a chance to buy something in the shop?
            A. one and half hour
            B. 5 days
            C. 6 days
            D. 15-20 September 2009 
19. Which is the cheapest electronic devices sold in the shop?
            A. Ava Sound System
            B. 29” Color TV
            C.  Freezer
            D. AC
20. How many electrinic applianceas are there in the text?
            A. 4
            B. 5
            C. 8
            D. 9

Text for no 21-22
Brand new hoodie and New Era combination from Kidrobot. The super hot white, green and gold color way of the TILT Monogram pattern is so fresh you'll have your whole crew thinking you are royalty. The hoodie is a light weight summer version of our standard hoodie and will retail for $165.00 each. The pattern is also available on a Fifty flocked New Era cap for $50.00. 10%reduction for the first order.
FREE ...!
21. How many colors are there available from Kidrobot based on the text?
            A. 1
            B. 2
            C. 3
            D. 4
22. Which statement is true about the text?
            A. If we do first order, we get free case
            B. If we do first order we get Rp.10.000 reduction
            C. If we buy sunglasses we get free case
            D. If we order first we get discount 10% from the price

Text for no 23-25
We close for November 9-11
Come and enjoy our meals again after those three days. We will serve you with new and special menu. Free soft drink for the first day, limited for 25 persons. Come in a group of 5 persons or more, get a nice souvenir for each person.
23. How many souvenirs do you get if you come with my sister, my brother, and my niece?
            A. 3 souvenirs
            B. 4 souvenirs
            C. five souvenirs
            D. none of the souvenir
24. The word “you” in the text refers to….
            A. chamber person
            B. customers
            C. waiters and waitress
            D. 25 persons
25. When will the restaurant be opened again?
            A. 9 November
            B. 11 November
            C. 12 November
            D. 9-11 November
UN Bahasa Inggris Advertisement Kelas 9 SMP TA 2015/2016 4.5 5 han doko Friday, March 25, 2016 D. PAKET 4 Text for no 1-5 VILLA “GEDONG” Luxury  2 bedrooms Full Air Conditioner Private Swimming Pool Free transport Anywher...

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