Soal Ujian Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII Semester 1

 on Friday, November 6, 2015  

Latihan Soal Ujian Akhir Semester
Kelas VII

Questions 1-6 refer to the following text

Dear Fachri,
When your name is called as the best student, please step fowrd for high five! You are the best. Congratulation!
Uncle Farhan
1. What is the genre of the text?

    a. Short Message               b. Greeting Card                                 c. Letter                                                d. Notice

2. From the text we know that Fachri...
    a. get a medal for the best student        b. is the best student at school         c. graduates from high school        d. got five for his test

3. "...please step forward..."
   a. come to the front         b. move back                      c. one step to the left                          d. stand in line

4. "...when your name is called as the best...." the word your refers to.....
     a. Fachri                           b. Uncle Farhan                   c. Student                                             d. Uncle Fachri

5.  The opposite of best...
     a. worse                            b. better                                 c. nice                                                     d. good

6. which statement is is not true based on the text above?
a. uncle farhan congratulates fachri for being the best student.
b. facri is the receiver of the greeting card.
c. Uncle Farhan is not the sender of the greeting card above.
d. Uncle Farhan asks Fachri to step forward as one of the high five.

Questions 7-8 refer to the following text

All students must join the class meeting from 15th December to 21st Desember2008
7. What kind of the text is it ?
a. A letter                            b. A label                               c. A postcard                        d. An announcement

8. what is the text about ?
a. The class meeting in a school.                   c. The winner of the class meeting.
b. An invitation t o join a class meeting.      d. The plan of having a class meeting.

Questions 9-12 refer to the following text
To : All students and teachers
Come and visit our new librabry. Lots of new books (brand new novels and non-fiction books) are available. You can also enjoy our newest DVDs collection.
Head of library
9. What are the things offered in the new library ?
a. Books and DVDs.        b. Old and new books.        c. New books and novels.                  d. New DVDs and non-fiction books.

10. Why does the writer make the announcement ?
a. To resume a new novel.              c. To invite the reader to visit the library.
b. To let the reader know about the head of library.                 d. To help the reader know where to find the DVDs.

11. Who make the announcement ?
   a. Ramadhan                    b. All students                       c. All teachers                       d. The librarian

12. What does Ramadhan do?
a. He is announcing to all students and teachers.                      c. He gives the new information to teachers and students
b. He is the head of Library                                                            d. He is a librarian

    Where do we usually find the text?
    a. At the lake                 b. At the beach                     c. At the river bank                              d. At the swimming pool

14. The following warning means that pedestrians should…the grass 

 a. not to cut                     b. not to keep                       c. not to water                      d. not to walk on

15. You find this notice at the gate of a housing complex 
  It means that only the…who own the houses at the housing complex can go there.
a.  Security guards                        b. people                                c. Participants                       d. guests

  Do not aim the camera directly into the sun orat other intense light resources that could damage your eyesight!
          The warning means….
a. It will be good if we take the picture of the sun
b. It will be better if we take the picture of other intense light sources
c. If we aim the camera directly into the sun, the sun will have a problem
d. Our eyes might be in danger if the camera is aimed into the sun or intense light resources 

  The notice above is put in the library. What does the notice means?
a. You cannot return the borrowed books it the library is closed
b.The library return service is available after hours only
c. You should put the books here if you return them after the closing time
d. You can borrow books from this counter even if the library is closed


         Where do you usually find the cautions above?
a.  At the stationary                      b. At the bus station                            c. At a petrol station                            d. At a police station


What does the notice on the right mean?                 
a. Do not throw rubbish in the room                          c. Do not sleep in the room
b. Do not destroy everything in the room                 d. Do not speak in the room

The following text is for questions number 20 and 21.

·         1 large ginger
·         granulated sugar as desired
·         ½ piece of palm sugar
·         100 g peanuts, fried and get rid of its inner skin.
·         100 g green beans, boiled
·         3 slices of bread, slice into dices
·         100 g pomegranate seeds, boil until soft

Ginger water:

1.Peel and slice the ginger.
2.Boil it in a litre of water.
3.Add some granulated sugar and ½ piece of palm sugar.
4.Strain once it’s boiled.

1.Pour some boiled ginger water into a small bowl.
2.Add 1 tbs of pomegranate seed, green bean and peanut.
3.Add some bread on top.

20. The generic structure of the text contains ….
a. Goal-Ingredients-Steps            b. Goal-Steps                        c. Orientation-Events                          d. Identification-Descriptions

21. To make sekoteng, we need...
a. ginger, granulated sugar, palm sugar, peanut skin, green bean, bread, pomegranate seeds
b. ginger, granulated sugar, palm, peanut, green bean, dices, pomegranate seeds
c. ginger, sugar, peanut, green bean, bread, pomegranate seeds
d. ginger, granulated sugar, palm sugar, inner skin of peanut, green bean, bread

The following text is for questions number 22 to 26.

(Makes 4 dozen)

·         1 ½ cups all purpose flour
·         ¼ teaspoons baking powder
·         ¼ teaspoons vanilla extract
·         2 eggs
·         1 cup sugar


1.Combine flour and baking powder, set aside.
2.Beat eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl until light-coloured.
3.Stir in the flour and baking powder mixture.
4.Drop the batter by teaspoonfuls about 2 inches apart onto a greased and floured baking sheet. Set aside in a room temperature for 6 hours.
5.Bake at 35°F for 6 minutes.
6.Remove from baking sheet to a wire rack to cool.

22. The text gives us ... how to prepare vanilla drop cookies.
a. instructions                   b. descriptions                      c. stories                 d. opinions

23. What ingredients do you need to make vanilla drops cookies?
a. flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, eggs, and sugar                        c. flour, baking powder, vanilla ice cream, eggs, and salt
b. flour, baking powder, vanilla ice cream, eggs, and sugar                   d. flour, mixing bowl, vanilla extract, eggs, and sugar

24. How long does it take to bake the cookies?
a. 2 minutes                    b. 6 minutes                          c. 35 minutes                        d. 60 minutes

25. How many cookies will you get with the above recipe?
a. 4                                   b. 12                       c. 16                                       d. 48

26. Remove from baking sheet to a wire rack to cool. (6th direction) the synonim of the underlined word is ...
a. put on                          b. move on                            c. take out                             d. sit up

The following text is for questions number 27 to 29.
Read the text below to answer the questions

·            20 ballon
·            A big tart
·            3 bottle syrup
·            2 pads of biscuits
·            5 m ribbon
·            40 paper trumpets
·            40 paper hats

27. What kind of text is it ?
a. A short message                        b. A shopping list                 c. An advertisment                              d. A food label

28. What do you thing the writer will have ?
a. An English club meeting.         b. A formal meeting.           c. A conference.                   d. A party.

29. From the text we know that the writer wants to buy to invite stores, except …
a. bakery                         b. the butcher’s                    c. grocer’s                              d. stationer’s

The following text is for questions number 30 to 32.
Shopping list

·            2 books
·            1 pencil
·            1 pack of crayon
·            1 pencil case
·            2 rulers
·            1 eraser
·            1 sharpener
·            1 red pen

30. How many rulers does the writer wants to buy ?
a. One                              b. Two                                    c. Three                                  d. Four

31. What store must the writer go to get the things ?
a. Florist’s                       b. The butcher’s                   c. Stationer’s                         d. Fish Manger

32. The writer wants t o buy the following things, except ….
a. a bag                           b. rulers                                  c. books                                 d. an eraser

The following text is for questions number 33 to 35.
to: Sheila
As you celebrate your university graduation, this is your moment.
Welcome to the real world!
Your best friend,
33.   The writer writes the card above to …
a.   Show his/her happiness                                c.  Welcome his/her best friend      
b.  Celebrate his/her graduation                          d. Congratulate his/her friend’s graduation

34.  Who is the card sent to?
a.  Sheila                    b. Mathew                      c.  Sheila’s friend              d.  Sheila’s best friend

35.    ‘As you celebrate your university …”
The word ‘you’ in the sentence refers to …
a.   The reader                         b. The writer                    c. Mathew                             d.       Sheila

The following text is for questions number 36 to 40.
Every people certainly have a mother. Because people was born from her.  The existence of her among us is definitely important. That is why I love her so much. I owe great debt to what she has been doing to me until right now. I love you, mom.
My mother's name is Khodijah. She was born 49 years ago. She is short, but not too short. She is little fat. And she is old. She has got short white straight hair. She has got brown skin. She is beautiful. Her hand is so soft, the hand that have taught me to be kind person.
She never stops to support me. She always tells me to not give up so easily. She always gives me some fine solutions when I have some problems. The importance of her is never denied. That is why I never reject her willing.
I love you my mother. You are the best person for me.

36. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
a. the existence of mother in our life is very important                     c. the writer loves her mother very much
b. every people certainly have a mother.                                                              d. mother always do something great.

37. Which paragraph is called as identification from the text above?
a. the first and second paragraph.                                           c. the third paragraph
b. the first paragraph                                                                                 d. the second and the third paragraph

38. What is the text mostly about?
a. the writer’s mother                 b. mother in general          c. another person’s mother                              d. the reader’s mother

39. The sentences below is correct, except…
a. a people was born from a mother                       c. the writer’s mom is 49 years old
b. the writes mom tells him to give up easily        d. the writer’s mother always give him a good solution to his problem.

40. She never stops to support me. (paragraph 3). The underlined word refers to…
a. the mother                 b. the writer                         c. Mrs. Khodijah                 d. my mother

fill in the blank with correct word provided
Peter is the youngest in our family. He is fourteen years old and four years (41)…… than me. He has long, straight hair, bright eyes and a (42)…… smile. Sometimes he (43)…..rather naughty at home, but he usually (44)….. what he is asked to do.
Peter is interested in sports very much, and at school, he plays football and tennis. He is the best badminton player in our family.

41. a. young                         b. old                      c. younger                            d. older
42. a. milky                          b. salty                   c. friendly                             d. horrible
43.a. was                               b. does                   c. is                                         d. do
44. a. do                                                b. does                   c. is                                         d. are

Shopping List

·                     ½ kg of sugar
·                     2 packs of jelly powder
·         8 glasses of water
·         A pinch of salt

45. Where can you buy the things above? …………………………………………………………………………………………….
46. How much water do you need if you just want to make one pack of jelly powder?..........................................................................

English Conversation Club (SCC)is opening registration for new members            
join us and improve your English!
Every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.00 at the school hall
For registration, please contact:
Wayan (VIIA), Anissa (VIIB)

47. When do the members have meeting ?................
48. How long does the meeting last ?........................
49. re arrange the jumbled words below into a good sentence!
weekend. – My – mom - to – on – office – not – go –does –her
50. re arrange the jumbled sentences below into a good paragraph!
1.       Therefore, we like to go everywhere together.
2.       He is 14 years old
3.       I have a good friend
4.       He is my neighbor; his house is near to mine.
5.       His name is Anto, he has the same age as me
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