UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP Semester 1

 on Friday, October 30, 2015  

I.         Completion
  1. Mrs. Rini       : Good morning, students. My name is Rini. I am
                     Mrs. Rini.
Students        : Good morning, Mrs. Rini.
Mrs. Rini       : How do you do ?
Students        : ___________________

 2.  Ferdi   : How are you today. Hasan?
Hasan : I live ……… Jl. Maphilindo No.41-A Medan

3.  Translate these instructions into good English!
a.    Buka pintu itu!             c. Tutup jendela itu!          e. Hidupkan lampu itu!
b.    Ambil bukumu!            d. Gunting kertas ini!

4.  Write the meaning of prohibitions into good Indonesian!
a. Don’t make noise!         c. Don’t eat in the class!    e. Don’t disturb me!
b. Don’t smoke!               d. Don’t spit on the floor!

5. Answer the expression of asking for information.
a. What is your father?
b. Where do you live?
c. May I know where the post-office is?
d. Can you tell me what time it is now?
e. May I know who the headmastress is?

6. Nico   :  Thanks ________ your helping me
Fredy  :  Thank you.

7. What is the respond of polite expression of saying to sit down?

8. Find the English words from this below picture!






 9. Translate the expression of “I’m sorry” into good Indonesian!
a. I’m sorry for coming late
b. I’m sorry for disturbing you
c. I’m sorry for not bringing your books
d. I’m sorry for forgetting your money
e. I’m sorry for offending your heart

10. Complete the announcement with the suitable words!
The students Association ______ a student gathering for students _____ grade VII of August 20 at the hall. _________ all students come. For more information, __________ Budi at __________ Students Association.

11. Write down ten congratulations
12. Reading
 An English Class
                 This period is an English class for VII-1, Mrs. Nurbaiti is standing in front of the class.
She is asking the students some questions.
Mrs. Nurbaiti        :  Who is absent, today ?
Lendy                   :  Henny and Rendy, Mam.
Mrs. Nurbaiti        :  Are there any letters from their parents ?
                  Lendy                   :  Yes, there is. It is from Siti’s father, but no letter from Budi’s parents.
Mrs. Nurbaiti        :  Well, bring it here, Lena.
Lendy                   :  Yes, Mam. Here you are.
Mrs. Nurbaiti        : Thank you. Now turn to page 21 for our English class. Repeat after me,                        please “He is in the laboratory”
Students               :  He is in the laboratory.

1.    What’s the name of their teacher ?
2.    How many students are talking to their teacher ?
3.    Who is absent in the class?
4.    What page do they want to study?
5.    What sentences does the students repeat?

13. Complete the following text!
A New Student
Hello ! I am Vinesa Febrianty. I _____ student of SMP 3 Percut Sei Tuan. I am thirteen _____ old. I have two brothers and one sister. My brothers _____ William and Ivander. My _______ is Vania. William is ten years old. Ivander is seven years _____ and Vania is five years old. _______ are students. William ________ in sixth grade. Ivander studies second _______ and Vania studies ______ Kindegerten. They are clever and kind _______ me.
14. Complete the following text!

 In The Library
                               In SMP 3 Percut Sei Tuan _______ library, it has located beside left the Media-room. There are many kinds of books such as English books, Mathematics books, Biology books, History books and many others. Student _____ to go there to get much knowledge. ______ reading books, they can be clever. Every students ______ have a member card to be able to _________ some books. They can read them in their house.
15. Arrange these words into good sentences!
              a. Medicine – can – drugstore – we – a – buy – in – some
              b. late - to be - don’t - I  - want
              c. phone- the - talking - He’s - on
              d. dinner - the - guest - don’t - need – out – go - to -  for
              e. to – have - time - for - Adi’s  - class - it - was - Physics - in - the - laboratory.
UAS 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP Semester 1 4.5 5 han doko Friday, October 30, 2015 I.           Completion   1. Mrs. Rini       : Good morning, students. My name is Rini. I am                      Mrs. Rini. Students...

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