Prediksi UN Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX SMP Semester 2 TA 2014/2015

 on Monday, March 16, 2015  

1. Read the following text and answer questions 1 to 4.
Roni and Dini study at SMP 1. Their school has a nice library. The library is not so big, but it has a lot of books, newspapers, and magazines. The books are arranged according to a system.
The students like coming to the library. The room is air-conditioned and always full of visitors. They go there to read, or borrow some books they like. They are served by Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul. These librarians have been working there for twenty years.

1. How is the library at Dini's school?
a. It is nice and very big.                         c. It is quiet and nice
b. It is really nice and big.                      d. It is not so big but nice

2. How will the visitors feel when they are in the library?
a. They'll feel cool                  c. They will feel very cold
b. They will feel hot               d. They won't feel comfortable

3. How are the books arranged in the library? They are arranged .... .
a. neatly                                   c. mathematically
b. orderly                                d. systematically

4. "They are served by Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul." (paragraph 2) What does the word ' They ' refer to?
a. Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Bahrul.          c. Librarians
b. Roni and Doni.                    d. Visitors

5. Pinkan    : Hi! I am Pinkan, I live in Bekasi. Nice to meet you.
Bella        : Hi! I'm Bella. I live in Bogor...
a. I'm a new student              c. We are in the same class
b.  haven't met before          d. Nice to meet you, too

6.     Azka     : What about your grandfather? Is he  still alive?
Firman : Yes. He is still strong although he is almost seventy five.
The antonym of the underlined word is ....
a. Old                                        c. pale
b. Young                                   d. weak

7. Ardhi     : What does your sister do?
Bertha : She works at one of the French companies.
Ardhi      :  She must be able to speak French well.
Bertha   :  A little. But she ... speak English better.
a. musn’t                                                        c. can’t
b. must                                                           d. can

8. Vena : I went to Pasar Baru with my cousin yesterday.
Jodi    : What did you buy?
Vena : I... a gold necklace for my mother's birthday.
Jodi      : Nice gift.
a. am buying                            c. buy
b. was buying                          d. bought

9. Mr. Dendi  : Your uncle sent you two sweaters.
The colours are nice, red and blue.... one do you like?
Nil             : I like the blue one.
a. Which                                  c. What
b. Whose                                 d. When

10. Arrange the following words into a good sentence.
Noodles – a bowl – will – of – have – fried – I
     1                  2          3      4       5          6       7

Read the following text and answer questions 11 to 14.

A Theatre
A theatre is a place where people entertain the audience. The people who perform, called actors and actresses, act in plays on a stage. A stage can be raised platform, or it can be part of the floor in a room, either in the centre of the room or against a wall. The audience, is a very important part of a theatre because it is for the audience that the actors and actresses act, and the playwright writes. Without an audience, they are only rehearsing or practising.
A theatre can be anywhere - in home, school auditorium, park and a hall. Theatre means action. In this text theatre is used in connection with performances on stage by live actors and actresses. It is living theatre.
Theatre in the East differs greatly from that of the West. The Asian theatre is, for the most part, non-realistic, or symbolic. Western theatre, on the other hand, tends to be realistic.

11. What is an actor?
a. A person who plays on a stage.
b. A person who performs and acts in plays.
c. A man who acts in plays on a stage.
d. A person who is playing at the theatre.

12. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a. School auditorium is the only theatre.
b. What a theatre is.
c. The performance of actors is theatre.
d. Theatre means action of actors.

13. What is the difference between the Eastern theatre and the Western theatre?
a. The Eastern theatre is based on facts rather than sentiment or illusion,
b. The Western theatre is based on facts rather than Eastern theatre,
c. The Eastern theatre is better than the western theatre,
d. The Western theatre is better than the Eastern theatre.

14. “A theatre is a place where people entertain the audience.”
The synonym of the underline word is
a. Amuse                                  c. watch
b. influence                             d. present

15.   Aat : Mike Tyson is a popular boxer, isn’t he?
Iit  : Yes. Most people even called him “concrete neck”
Aat : Yeah! I know it. By the way what kind of ….does he usually wear to cover his hands.
Iit    : I don’t know
a. gloves                                   c. mittens
b. globes                                  d. moccasins

16. Lisa : Was your mother angry when you went home late last night?
Putri : No, she didn’t know that I came late
Lisa  : How come?
Putri : I walked …down the corridor and got into the room through the window.
a. quickly and noisily             c. slowly and silently
b. quickly and noisy               d. slowly and silent

17. Nina : Is Sea Games as expensive as Asian Games?
    Rini : No, I think Asian Games is …than Sea Games.
a. as cheap as                          c. more expensive
b. the cheapest                      d. the most expensive

18. Mrs. Sagala : We have got the material for our uniform. Will you sew itu yourself?
Mrs. Adam : No. Indra, the dressmaker …to sew it
a. Comes                                  c. has come
b. will come                             d. came

19. Guest       : Can I talk to the manager?
Secertary : Oh, he’s not in the office right now. He….since ten o’clock
a. left                                        c. is leaving
b. has left                                 d. will leave

Biggest Band show " Jim Band "
Held              : Saturday, June 24
Time             : 07.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m
Place            : Parking Area
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
We present the most famous singers :
•    Sherly Hamington
•    Bill Stewart
•    Tom Barbara

Tickets :                    Rp. 75.000,- / adult
Rp. 50.000,- / child
For entrance tickets, please call:
Ayu               : Ph. 4563287
Devy             : Ph. 3265446
Reza              : Ph. 7634568

20. What does the passege tell us about?
a. A band show                       c. Ticket sellers
b. Entrace tickets                   d. Ticket price

21. When will the show be held?
a. In the morning                    c. At midday
b. In the afternoon                d. In the evening

22. There will be ... entertainers performing on stage.
a. three                                    c. five
b. four                                      d. six

23. "We present the most famous singers.
The underlined word refers to ....
a. the readers                         c. the singers
b. the writer                            d. the organizer

24. Ario : I have two free tickets from my uncle. Would you accompany me to the theatre?

Wawan : ..., but there's no one at home. Mother asked me to stay and do not go anywhere.
Ario         : OK. I see.
a. I'm so happy                        c. It sounds nice
b. It's boring                            b. I'm so sad

25. Mother : You look so weird, dear. What's up?
  Lara    : I really don't know why, but I feel hot and my headaches.
  Mother : Okay, dear ... But let me take you to a doctor just in case.
a. It is time to stay in bed
b. You are sorry to say that
c. I don't want to worry you
d. There's nothing to worry about

26. Jihan : I must try to have the top scores at that competition.
Ario : I... you will get the best score.
a. Decide                                 c. doubt
b. Need                                    d. hope

27. Wulan    : What a busy friend you are! Would you like any help?
Hening : .... Don't worry, I will finish this work in a minute. Have a seat, please.
a. No, thank you                                        c. No, I don't
b. Yes, please                                              d. Yes, you're right

28.  Kiki    : Where should we stay tonight, Mom? We don't have any relatives here.
Mother : Don't worry, dear. We can stay in a hotel.
Kiki      : But... is it? Mother : It's approximately three hundred metres. Let's go there.
a. how much                                               c. how large
b. how long                                                  d. how far

Read the following table to answer questions no.29

Pandu's Sport timetable








































29. Based on the table, Pandu has running exercises … a week.
a. once                                     c. three times
b. twice                                    d. four times

Read the following letter and answer questions 30 to 32.
81 Jalan Imam Bonjol
June 6, 2005

Dear Marry-Liza,

How are you? I'm pleased to hear that you are going to visit Bali at the end of this month.
We have been very busy this term. I'm feeling very exhausted. I'm sorry that I can't join you in Bali. We would still be in school.
There are some things you must do when you are in Bali. There are many traditional houses in Bali. You must visit the public buildings as well as the ordinary family houses. Many of these buildings are made of bricks. Sculptors have carved symbols and figures of gods and demons. They are very different and beautiful. While you are there you must also see the carvings. The carvings are made of wood or stone.
Then you must visit the village of Tenganan to see the ikat weaving. They use a special process of dyeing cloth to make the double ikat. This way of dyeing cloth is only done in that village. The process of dyeing is very fine and very difficult to do.
In addition, you must also visit the village of Kamasan. This place is famous for its gold and silver ornamental work.
I hope you have a pleasant trip and a happy holiday in Bali.
Yours sincerely,

Vinny Hamzano

30. After reading the letter we know that….
a. Vinny Hamzano and Many-Liza visit some interesting places in Bali.
b. Vinny Hamzano suggests Many-Liza to visit some interesting places in Bali.
c. Vinny Hamzano will visit the village of Tenganan and the village of Kamasanin Bali.
d. Many-Liza will visit the village of Tenganan and the village of the Kamasan inBali.

31. What are the carvings made of?
a. Sandstone                                               c. Bricks
b. Limestone                                               d. Wood or stone

32.  What can we see in Kamasan?
a. Sculptors,
b. Public buildings,
c. The process of ikat weaving,
d. Gold and silver ornamental work.

Farmers usually start to cultivate their field in the wet season. Before cultivating, they prepare their ...(33) like hoes, sickles, rakes and ploughs. They also prepare their cows or buffaloes. The cows or buffaloes are very important for farmers to pull the ...(34) to cultivate the rice field. It is a ...(35) way.

33.   a. machines                                         c. appliances
b. tools                                                     d. utensils

34.      a. plough                                                 c. spade
b. tractor                                                 d. rake

35.      a. modern                                              c. simple
b. traditional                                          d. nice

36. Rearrange the sentences below to make a coherent paragraph.
1. He lives in a small town and knows every family on his route.
2. Neil Moore has been a postman for 20 years.
3. At Christmas many families give him presents.
4. They appreciate his dedication and good service.
5. He has carried mail in heat and in cold, in rain and in snow.
6. He has delivered thousands of letters to homes on his mail route,
a. 1-2-3-4-5-6                                       c. 2-5-6-1-3-4
b. 6-1-3-5-2-4                                      d. 4-5-6-3-2-1

37. What is the text about?
a. A flight schedule of Air Paradise International
b. Special routes of Air Paradise International
c. Special domestic introductory fares
d. Special overseas introductory fares

38. Your flight number will be … if you fly from Denpasar to Perth on Wednesday.
a. AD 062                            c. AD 066
b. AD 063                            d. AD 067

39. How much is the air fare if you travel with your husband and your 19 years old son from Denpasar to Perth?
a. US$ 620                           c. US$ 1.155
b. US$ 705                          d. US$ 1.192,50

40. “Ticket valid 1 (one) year”.
The underlined word mean being …
a. Expired                            c. postponed
b. Cancelled                        d. effective

41. Dasnil   : Where will we stay if we go to Bali next holiday?
Irwan   : At an inn
Dasnil  : Have you checked the price?
Irwan   : Yes, the price is Rp50.000,- per nighth
Dasnil  : The price includes breakfast, …?
a. doesn’t it                         c. isn’t it
b. does it                              d. is it

42. Mrs. Yanto        : You will go to hometown next vacation, won’t you?
Mrs. Rauf        : Yes, you’re right
Mrs. Yanto      : How will you go there?
Mrs. Rauf        : …, but if I have enough money, I’ll go by plane.
a. There’s no doubt           c. I’m quite sure
b. I am still in doubt           d. I’m absolutely certain

43. Dessy       : Let’s try to grow roses in front of our house
Windy    : That’s not a good idea
Dessy      : Why?
Windy    : I think roses will not grow well in coastal area like this.
The underlined utterance is used to show …
a. Agreement                      c. uncertainty
b. certainty                          d. disagreement

44. Look at the picture and read the description below.

It’s a long necked animal, with either one or two humps on its back. It is used in desert countries for riding and carrying goods.
Which picture goes with the description?
a. 1                                        c. 3
b. 2                                       d. 4

Which sentence is TRUE             according to the pictures?
a. The car is the fastest of all.
b. The bicycle is as fast as the bajaj
c. The bajaj is faster than the car
d. The bajaj is not as fast as the bicycle

46. Riby          : It seems to me that the people here are extravagant.
Windy    : Why do you say so?
Riby        : They will buy … they like without considering whether they really need it or not.
Windy    : I see
a. anything                           c. nothing
b. everything                      d. something

47.  Endi         : Did you greet me just now?
Evi           : No, I didn’t
Endi        : But I heard clearly someone who said “Good morning”.
Evi           : I think that’s my parrot. It can say “Good morning.”
Endi        : Wow! …
a. How clever is your parrot?
b. What bird is clever?
c. What a clever bird it is?
d. How do you train it?

48. Teacher   : Remember class! If you get 3 for English, Indonesian, or Mathematic you will not pass the final exam
Student : … we must study extremely hard
Teacher         : That’s right.
a. And                                   c. Although
b. But                                    d. So

Read the following graph and answer question 49 to 50.
49. The graph tells us about …
a. indoor children activities
b. outdoor children games
c. characteristic of games
d. games for children

50. The most popular games based on the diagram is …
a. snakes and ladders        c. kite flying
b. hide and seek                 d. chess

51. Rearrange the following sentence to make a coherent paragraph!
He is getting old now.
Tom is one of the best tennis players in the country
Soon he is going to retire
He plays in many tournaments
He is a professional and earns a lot of money every year
a. 1-3-4-5-2
b. 5-1-3-4-2
c. 4-5-1-3-2
d. 2-4-5-1-3

52. Complete the following paragraph using the most suitable sentence!
… There are three different colours of them on the water. The flowers only bloom in the morning and evening when the sun is not too hot.
a. You will see a glass house
b. The water-lilies also interesting
c. Different kinds of orchids are planted
d. Have you been to a botanical garden

53. You know Raka and Yaya, don’t you? They are basketball players … of them are very tall. How about meeting them this afternoon?
a. None                                c. Each
b. All                                     d. Both

54.  Rai        : Dian is a very smart girl, isn’t she?
Dewa   : Yes, she is also very beautiful.
Rai       : What a lucky girl she is!
Dewa   : Yes, …
a. she is not very smart but beautiful
b. she is very smart and beautiful, isn’t she?
c. She is not only smart but also beautiful
d. She is not smart nor is she beautiful

55. Dedi      : In my opinion this novel is worth reading.
Rina     : Do you think so? But who wrote it?
Dedi    : Hamka …
a. Does                                 c. is
b. Did                                    d. was

56. Fahmi   : Did you watch the football match last night?
  Tomy     : Yes, Malaysia played badly, but Indonesia played …
  Fahmi    : You mean our team lost the match.
  Tomy     : You’re right.
a. well                                  c. more badly
b. worse                              d. the most badly

57.  Irwan      : Let’s see the tiger
Rafly       : …, Irwan! The tiger is very fierce. Don’t get too close to it.
Irwan      : Thanks for warning me.
a. Be nice                             c. Don’t move
b. Be careful                       d. Don’t run

58.  Vira         : How about the Biology test yesterday?
Yuniar     : It was not a written test. Mr. Harno gave us an oral test.
Vira         : Did you manage to answer all the questions?
Yuniar     : Yes, I could answer all the questions and … could the others.
a. Neither                            c. too
b. Either                               d. so

59. Vanesa         : What do you think about the population growth in the world?
Tineke        : I think the world will face many problems … the scientist do not work hard to overcome the growth of the population.
Vanesa       : I believe you’re right
a. If                                        c. only
b. when                                d. unless

60. The sentence in which the grammar, spelling or punctuation is correctly used is …
a. Oceanographers also studies the ocean waves
b. Water cover almost three fourth of the earth’s surface
c. Transmigration is another responses to population growth
      d. Humans can’t live together without any communication with one another.
Prediksi UN Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX SMP Semester 2 TA 2014/2015 4.5 5 han doko Monday, March 16, 2015 1.   Read the following text and answer questions 1 to 4. Roni and Dini study at SMP 1. Their school has a nice library. The library is n...

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