Prediksi UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX SMP Paket 1 TA 2014/2015

 on Thursday, March 19, 2015  

1.What does the following text mean?


Wear Pace Shield Gloves and Apron When Adding Water or Acid to Batteries.
Teacher of Natural Science

Students … wear face shield, gloves and apron when they add water or acid to batteries.
a. may
b. have to
c. mustn’t 
d. shouldn’t

Read the text and answer questions 2 and 3.

Representing SMP Nasional Jakarta
We wish to congratulate our teacher
On her marriage to
On October 12, 2010 in Bogor
God brings you together as husband and wife
May He bless your home and hearts with all happiness
Abimayu Tabita

2.What is the purpose of writing the above text?
a. To express one’s pleasure for a special occasion
b. To show respects on one’s success in business
c. To invite one’s close friend for their marriage
d. To convey an invitation to someone else

3.The text shows that Mr. Abdel Halim …. a teacher of the school. 
a. is not 
b. will be
c. must be
d. used to be

Read the text and answer questions 4 to 6.
Rica, I think I don’t need to join my school extracurricular activity today. My teacher passed away at Sari Husada Hospital this morning. He was my favorite teacher you know. I will miss him so much. May God always bless him and he can rest in peace. Btw, can you accompany me to go to his house to express my condolence? All my classmates have been there now.
Sender Puspa: 05.15 am.

4.Puspa wants to visit her teacher who …. at the Husada hospital. 
a. accompanied her
b .came with him
c. is hospitalized
d. has just died

5. The text shows us that the students ….. 
a. miss all their activities.
b. hate their teacher’s death
c .like the teacher very much
d. want to work at the hospital

6.’’May God always bless him and he can rest in peace. ’’The sentence is used to….. 
a. respect one’s position
b. express one’s prayer
c. make someone feel happy
d. accompany someone’s friend

Read the text and answer questions 7 and 9.


Dear students of SMP Jaya
Ramadan is coming again. For those who want to spend your time observing the beauty of Koranic verses, you can come to our school. The Students Union of SMP Jaya will hold a calligraphy exhibition from August 18-20 in the school hall. More than 100 works at calligraphy on display have won competitions organized by the Research Center for Islamic History Art and Culture Award (IRCIA). The exhibition will be opened by Abdel Malik, staff of the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Indonesia. Please attend this special program together with your beloved parents. Do not miss it.

Dika Sahara

7.Which statement is true based on the text?
a. Some of the displayed calligraphy belongs to the best ones
b. The school plans to ask students to write Koran verses
c. Abdel Malik is the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Indonesia
d. The exhibition is organized by the Saudi Arabian embassy

8.The exhibition will last for …. days.
a. 4
b. 3
c. 2
d .1

9.The text meant to …. students and their parents to attend the exhibition.
a. invite
b. propose
c. compliment
d .congratulate

Read the text and answer questions 10 to 13.
Primary and secondary students at Global Jaya International School presented the musical version of Disney’s Mulan at the school’s performing and Visual Arts Centre in Bintaro Tangerang on February 1 and 5.
The play transported the audience back in time to the Tang Dynasty of China, when a woman warrior disguised as a man joined the Emperor’s troops lead by Captain Shang. The troops were sent to stop the rebellious Huns, led by Shan Yu, from toppling the Emperor. In her disguise, Mulan got help from a dragon named Mushu. The emperor was saved and Captain Shang took Mulan as his wife.
The students had practiced for three full months before presenting as part of the annual program of the school’s Arts Faculty.
“We decided to integrate the play in the curriculum of Theatre, Vocal and Visual Art classes. In the theatre, students learned about acting and choreography and members of the choir practiced all the songs in the training and prepared the set design,” said Tria, the theatre teacher.
The cast fell satisfied with their performance which had stunned the audience. Sheryl Gething, a grade 10 student who play Mushu on the first day and Mulan on the second said, “ Mulan was the first play I‘ve ever truly been in. playing two main characters and being through ail that drama was one of the best experiences in my life. All those long hours spent together have united us. That made it possible for us to put on Mulan enthusiastically.
(Sunday Post)

10.How did Mulan successfully defeat the rebels
a. He got help from a dragon
b. The emperor saved him
c. He toppled the emperor
d .He disguised as a man

11.The text shows that the play was very …. to watch.
a. dull
b. boring
c. furious
d .interesting

12.What does paragraph 2 tell you about ?
a. The emperor Shan Yu
b. The rebellious Huns
c. The story of Mulan
d .Captain Shang

13.“ Mulan was the first play I‘ve ever truly been in.” (Paragraph 5). What does the word “I” refer to?
a. Mulan
b. Mushu
c. Ms. Tria
d .Sheryl Gething

Read the text and answer questions 14 to 16.
SMP International and The Jakarta Post will JOINTLY ORGANIZE A News Feature Writing Competition 2010 for Junior High School students.
Details of the competition:
The competition is open to all SMP students in DKI Jakarta with the following criteria:
@ SMP students, proved by valid ID
@ Produce his/her own article-were strongly against any form of plagiarism.
Each participants must submit a 1000 word news feature article addressing to the following theme:
Why is it difficult to cure corruption with in the bureaucracy?
A panel of judges will select and shortlist the candidates. Shortlist participants will undergo interview sessions between 20 September-4 October 2010.
Winners will be announced in the SMP International website ( on 13 october 2010 and the Jakarta Post daily on 24 October 2010.
For further enquiries, please contact:
Willy Tamana (, Phone 021-54392186 ext. 110, SMS to 08158714317

14.Based on the text we know that participants of the competition…. 
a. must be good at English
b. will always speak English
c. have to be journalists
d. comes from English family

15.Why do the participants have to produce their owen writing?
a. Plagiarism is strongly prohibited by the organizer 
b. They have to learn how to write a good article
c. All student of junior high school can write well
d. Writing our own article is veri easy to do

16.“For further enquiries, please contact.” What does the word “enquiries” mean in the sentence?
a. Requirements
b. Criteria
c. Questions
d. News

Read the text and answer questions 17 to 20.
Since Barack Obama first became a US presidential candidate in 2008, this humble elementary school building has become something of a tourist destination. Barack Obama attended SDN Menteng 01 from 1969 until 1971, where he was affectionately known as Barry. Since Mr. Obama ascended to the most powerful office in the world, the U-shaped school has become known as Obama School. Obama studied here under the Indonesian name of Barry Soetoro and if you head down to Menteng, it’s possible to take a sneak peek at the two class rooms in which the current American president once sat and did his sums.
On the school’s gate a plaque has been installed bearing the Inscription “Barack Hussein Obama II, the 44th President of United States of America attended this school from 1976-1971”. At the bottom we learn that, :Plaque donated by friends of Obama, Ron Mullers, Dalton-Tanonaka, January 20th,2009 Jakarta, Indonesia”.
The school was built in 1934 as a CAS (Carpenter Alting Stichting Nassau School). It has subsequently become one of Jakarta elite houses of learning. There is no official Obama tour program, but if you are keen to visit, you will find the school to be accommodating and a look around can easily be arranged. (Jl. Basuki No. 4 Central Jakarta, Telp : 31926228,

17.What is the text about?
a. SDN 01 Menteng
b. The school plaques
c. Obama’ s education 
d. The Jakarta’s elite school

18.What does the second paragraph tell you about?
a. The installment of Obama plaque
b. The school donators in America
c. All the presidents of America
d. The new gates of the school

19.Obama studied in the school for…. years
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 6

20.The following statements are true about SD 01 Menteng based on the text EXCEPT ….
a. Obama never studied in the school
b. It can be a tourist destination
c. It is one of the Jakarta’s elite schools
d. You can contact the school by phone

Read the text and answer questions 21 to 24.
Not every mall offers product at fixed price in their stores. Sometimes you have to negotiate to get a more reasonable price there. Below are the ways you can do to begin in stores:

Ask the price of the product first.v
If you have more time and are willing to make effort, check out thev price of the some product in different store.
When the sales person gives you a figure, ask for half the price.v
The sales person will usually reject the price that you offer, sov slowly increase the price from your previous offer.
If you are not satisfied with the price the sales person gives you,v pretend to leave the store and walk away. If she/he starts calling you, it means the price is still open for negotiation. Good luck.

21.The text about… and tricks on how to bargain in stores
a. figure
b. tips
c. checks
d. prices

22.To get a more reasonable price in certain stores, the second way is to…
a. negotiate with the salesperson enthusiastically
b. go around the mall to ask people about the price
c. check the price of good in different stores
d. bargain by giving higher prices than other buyers

23.Why should we check out the price of the same product in different stores before buying?
a. To know the price of the product in general
b. To get more benefits from the sale offered
c. To avoid the buyers from being refunded
d. To increase the number of the product sales

24.“The sales person will usually reject the price that you offer ….” What does the word “reject” mean?
a. Do not notice
b. Accept happily
c. Refuse to accept
d. Agree to the offer

Read the text and answer questions 25 to 28.
Long ago a rich man wanted the very best education for his son, and so he sent him abroad to learn other languages. A few years later when the young man returned home, the only language he had learnt was dog’s language. The father was so indignant that he drove his son out of the house, and said that he wished to have nothing further to do with him. The young man left his house with his broken heart.
After a great deal of wandering, the young man arrived in a village which was terrorized by a pack of ferocious dogs. Although everybody had advised him not to wander there, the young man insisted on going into the wood where dogs lived, and, to much amazement, he returned without even a scratch. He said that the dogs has spoken to him, explaining they were ferocious because they were compelled by a spell to keep guard all the time over a rich treasure chest buried in the woods.
The young man solved all the problems by digging up the chest for himself, so the dogs were free to wander off and troubled the villagers no further.
One day, the young man came him in a luxurious carriage, followed by a long line of carts, loaded with all the riches he had accumulated as a result of his ability to talk with dogs! The rich man was very proud of his son and he was aware then that everyone had their own capability.

25.What is the story about?
a. A young man who could speak with dogs
b. A rice man who made his son very greedy
c. A villager who buried a rich treasure chest
d. A dog which helped people in small village

26.What does the third paragraph tell you about?
a. The way the young man did to freed the dogs from the spell
b. The solution offered by the young man to make dogs wander
c. The chest that made all dogs in the village become wilder
d. The troubles that the yong man did to the villagers

27.Why did the young man leave his house very sadly?
a. His father did not care about him anymore
b. His mother drove him out of his own house
c. He did not get his father’s property as usual
d. All his father’s wealth was gone because of him

28.The story teaches us that …that differs from others
a. family is everything on earth
b. father must teach his sons well
c. children must be educated well
d. every son has their own competence

Read the text and answer questions 29 to 31.
Another product by Dimarco

Pressure Over Pan
First in The world!

•Flip and cook, a quality pressure oven pan.
•Used as an oven for fish, steak, cake, bread, cookies, pastry. Also can cook vegetables, frying chicken, etc.
•Sealed in the taste and maintains high nutritional value.
•No oil-splattering.
•Pleasant cooking.
•Less smoke and smell.
•Frying with 4 tablespoon oil only.
•Reheating without oil. 


•Magnetic locking handles.
•Oil drip tray.
•Silicone seal and vent.
•7 layers ceramic non-stick coating.

Made in Korea.

29.The text is about…
a. Dimarco
b. pan products
c. gas stove
d .Happy call

30.We can use the above pan for the following EXCEPT….. 
a. boiling water
b. cooking vegetables
c. baking fish
d. frying chicken

31.The writer uses the word “making life easier” to state that …
a. the cooking utensil is for women to do their jobs
b. the product is the best one that has been made
c. it is very easy for all people to cook anything
d. the product is very helpful for people to cook

Read the text and answer questions 32 to 35.
Hurricanes start over the ocean. They form over warm water near the equator. The equator is an imaginary line that goes around the middle of the planet.
Some hurricanes start in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. These hurricanes can strike the East Coast or Gulf Coast of the United States. Hurricanes generally do not hit the West Coast, and rarely make it as far north as Canada. In the western Pacific Ocean, hurricanes are called typhoons. Hurricanes near Australia and India are called tropical cyclones. The winds of a hurricane blow in a huge circle. There is a calm place called the eye in the center of the circle. All around the eye are thick, tall clouds. Heavy rain pours down from these clouds. Hurricanes move across the water. They grow stronger if they stay over warm water. Some hurricanes head for land. Hurricanes can do a lot of damage if they come up on land. But hurricanes grow weaker the farther inland they go. They also grow weaker very cold water.

32.The text above tells you about …
a. the benefits of hurricane for people
b. where hurricanes come from
c. kind of hurricanes on land
d. how to measure hurricane

33.What does paragraph 4 tell you about?
a. The hurricane movement
b. The damage of hurricane
c. The effect of hurricane
d. The strength of water

34.The text shows that when hurricanes strike, they are usually accompanied by ….
a. strong winds
b. warm water
c. heavy rain
d. hot clouds

35.What does the word “They” in the text refer to?
a. Clouds
b. Oceans
c. Typhoons
d. Hurricanes

Read the text and answer questions 36 to 38.
Visit the USA’s Scenic West
Why travel with World Wide Country Tours?
For three generations we’ve offered one of a kind vacation to beautiful off the beaten-path places. You’ll get a unique vacation that brings alive the culture, lifestyle and natural beauty of your destination. Best of all, we offer exclusive itineraries, including those below… 50 different destinations through the world!

•Explore Alaska’s pristine wilderness! See some of the most. Incredible scenery on Earth! Cruise through Alaska’s glorious inside passage. Travel by majestic Mt. McKinley. See towering glaciers, native wildlife and unspoiled lakes, forest and mountains.

•Savor California wine Country! Take a private tour of charming San Francisco Including Fisherman’s Warf and Golden Gate Park. Get A Delicious taste of Napa Valley. California’s Irresistible Wine country. Travel through the Avenue of the Giants, where amazing redwood trees grow hundreds of feet high! See Geologic Wonders Up Close! Experience unforgettable beauty and breathtaking views from Grand Canyon to Sedona. Explore the unique, awe-inspiring landscape of the Red Rocks and several national parks including the Grand Canyon, Zion, arches and Bryce Canyon.

Since 1972 For your Free travel guides and 
World Wide Country Tours $50 SAVINGS offer
A Reader’s Digest Company

36.What is the purpose of the text?
a. To show the importance of American places of interests
b. To inform people about how good tours are managed
c. To promote the World Wide Country Tours service
d. To ask people to travel around the world by plane

37.The World Wide Country Tours has been operating for …. years.
a. 20
b. 24
c. 26
d. 28

38.“See towering glaciers, native wildlife and unspoiled lakes, forest and mountains.” The word “unspoiled” in the sentence means ….
a. well pressed
b. breathtaking
c. very deep
d. innocent

Read the text and answer questions 39 to 42.

From :
To :
Subject : 

Dear Enes-a,
Actually, there’s nothing special about my allowance. Perhaps, mine is the same as yours. Usually my father gives me 300.000 rupiah a week, and my mother gives me 200,000 a day. They give me a lot of money because they are worried that I need it for emergencies. I’m foreigner, and it would be terrible it I got stuck somewhere and need money to get home. I don,t have extra income, but sometimes when I meet my parents friend, they give me money as a present.
I spend my money when I go out on eating, shopping, watching movies, playing billiard or sometimes just hanging around in a café. The money I get from my parents is quite a lot, but when I go shopping and I see something I like even if it is a million rupiah, I always buy it. But when I do this I have no money left at the end of the month and I have to go out less. What about you?


39.The writer writes the email to tell about her ….. and how she spends it.
a. emergency
b. allowance
c. shopping
d. presents

40.The writer’s parents are often worried about her safety because she is ….
a. a weak person
b. a smart girl
c. a foreigner
d. a woman

41.From the text we can conclude that the writer’s parents are ….
a. generous
b. stingy
c. poor
d. rich

42.“Perhaps, mine is the same as yours.” The word “mine” in the sentence means …. from the writer’s parents.
a. presents
b. money
c. checks
d. gifts

For questions 43 to 46 choose the best word to complete the text.
Orange (fruit) is common name of citrus fruit of several trees. …. (43) varieties include the sweet orange, the sour orange, and the mandarin orange, or tangerine. The fruit is technically is a kind of berry. It …. (44) of several easily separated sections, each containing several seeds and many juice cells, covered by a leathery skin, containing numerous oil glands.
Orange trees are evergreens, seldom exceeding 9 m (30 ft) in height. The …. (45) are oval and glossy and the flowers are white and fragrant. Three essential oils are obtained from oranges: oil of orange, obtained from the rind of the fruit and used …. (46) as a flavoring agent; oil of petigrain, obtained from the leaves and twigs and used in perfumery; and oil of naroli, obtained from the blossoms and used in flavoring and perfumes.

a. different
b. great
c. same
d. new

a. consists
b. makes
c. forms
d. has

a. leaves
b. fruits
c. seeds
d. twigs

a. luckily
b. ideally
c. mainly
d. slowly

For questions 47 and 48 choose the best arrangement of sentences to make good paragraphs.

1.Here’s why double rainbows form.
2.Sometimes you see two rainbows, a bright one inside a faint one.
3.This light comes back out of the drop and makes a bright rainbow.
4.When light enters a raindrop, a lot of it bouncers off the back surface of the drop.
5. Some light, however, bounces around inside the raindrop a couple more times before it manages to escape.
6.Every rainbow is actually a double rainbow, but the bigger one is usually too dim to see.
7.This smaller amount of light makes the faint second rainbow.

a. 2-1-4-3-5-7-6
b. 2-4-1-5-3-6-7
c. 2-7-6-3-5-1-4
d. 2-3-4-1-6-5-7

1.After observing the plants, we went back to school.
2.We really had great fun.
3.Then we went into our classroom and talked about our today’s environment.
4.We arrived at school at 12 o’clock.
5.This learning activity of my school was great.
6.So we asked our teacher to do this way of learning again the following weeks.

a. 1-3-4-5-6-2
b. 2-1-5-4-3-6
c. 1-4-3-6-5-2
d. 2-5-1-3-4-6

For questions 49 and 50 arrange the words into meaningful sentences

49. the girl–I–is able to–know–well–that–music–play
           1     2       3           4        5     6       7       8

a. 2-8-5-6-7-1-3-4
b. 2-6-4-3-1-7-8-5
c. 2-6-1-4-7-5-3-8
d. 3-4-6-1-3-8-7-5 sister–last night–didn’t–and–go–neither–I–did–anywhere
            1           2            3       4    5        6     7    8        9

a. 7-3-5-9-2-4-6-8-1
b. 1-8-5-2-4-3-6-7-9
c. 7-5-3-2-9-6-4-1-8
d. 1-5-8-4-2-4-6-9-7
Prediksi UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX SMP Paket 1 TA 2014/2015 4.5 5 han doko Thursday, March 19, 2015 1.What does the following text mean? Caution Wear Pace Shield Gloves and Apron When Adding Water or Acid to Batteries. Teacher ...

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