Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 (VIII) SMP Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

 on Wednesday, June 11, 2014  

It is in the middle of summer, the air is very hot and dry. The temperature is about 34 degrees Celsius. I am sitting by the window of my living room, looking at the streets and drinking some iced lemon tea. Sometimes I wonder why the weather in my hometown is always bad in each season. Last winter, a big snow storm paralyzed this city and lasted almost a month. But things are not easy in the spring. The snow melted into mud and it covered the city. The previous summer was worse, lots of people dehydrated because of the heat. Hopefully, next fall will not be as bad as the last one. Last fall the wind and the rain were pretty bad.

1.   What season is it?
      a. Spring.         c. Winter.
      b. Summer        d. Fall.

2.   What is the weather like?
      a. It’s humid.     c. It’s hot.
      b. It’s wet.       d. It’s windy.

3.   The weather is in every season.
      a. always good
      b. seldom good
      c. never bad
      d. never good

4.   Last winter, the city was paralyzed. What is the meaning of paralyzed?
      a. Active.
      b. Moving.
      c. Unable to move.
      d. Able to move.

5.   What struck the city last winter was?
      a. A snow storm.
      b. A tropical hurricane.
      c. A snow fall.
      d. A snow flake.

6. It covered the city with mud. It refers to?
      a. The snow.
      b. The melted snow.
      c. The mud.
      d. The spring.

7. What is the effect of the terrible heat wave?
      a. Starvation.            c. Diseases.
      b. Dehydration.         d. Famine.

8. This summer is the previous one.
      a. better than             c. worse than
      b. as bad as                d. as good as

On the Beach

Amir and Bima are SMP students. They live in Bandung. Bandung and its surround dings are mountainous and hilly areas. They usually go to the beach during the holidays, they can choose one from many beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Some of the beaches on Java Island are Pantai Carita, the beaches in Pelabuhan Ratu, Pangandaran, Ancol, Parangtritis, while Sanur, and Kuta are in Bali.

9.   What are Amir and Bima?
      a. Teachers.
      b. Customers.
      c. SMP students.
      d. SMA students.

10. Amir and Bima live in .
      a. Bandung        c. Padang
      b. Jakarta          d. Surabaya

11. Where do they usually go during the holidays?
      a. The sea.                         c. The beach.
      b. The mountain.             d. The valley.

12. These are beaches on Java island, except ….
      a. Pantai Carita                c. Kuta
      b. Pangandaran                         d. Ancol

13. Kuta is located in …
      a. Bandung                        c. Aceh
      b. Jakarta                         d. Bali

My Best Friend
My name is Ary. Three years ago when I was in junior high school, I met two people that later became my best friends. The first one was Eric. He was an athlete for our school. He was tall and muscular. The other one was Ricky. He was a very diligent student. He liked to read the encyclopedia and he the ranked first in my class.
 I liked them both because they were very friendly to other people. Even though Eric and Ricky were very famous in our school, they were not arrogant. They made friends with anybody including me.

14. When did Ary meet his best friend?
      a. Yesterday.
      b. Last week.
      c. Two years ago.
      d. Three years ago.

15. Who were Ary’s best friends?
      a. Andi and Eric.
      b. Eric and Putra.
      c. Ricky and Eric.
      d. Sigit and Ricky.

16. What was Eric in school?
      a. An athlete.
      b. A musician.
      c. A photographer.
      d. A boy scout.

17. What kind of person was Ricky?
      a. A lazy student.
      b. A diligent student.
      c. A stupid student.
      d. A careless student.

18. How is Eric's body?
      a. Short and fat.
      b. Tall and fat.
      c. Tall and muscular.
      d. Short and muscular.

19. Why did Ary like Eric and Ricky?
      a. Because were famous.
      b. Because were smart.
      c. Because were arrogant.
      d. Because were very friendly to other people.

Red Feathers the Hen
Red feathers, the hen, was so-called because all her feathers were red. One day, the fox caught sight of her in the farmyard and his mouth began to water.
 He ran home and told his wife to put on water for boiling a chicken, and then he rushed back, and before Red feathers knew what was happening, she found herself snapped up and inside a sack, not even able to call for help.
Luckily for her, her friend the dove saw what had happened. She fettered on the path in the woods, and lay there, pretending to have a broken wing. The fox was delighted to find that he now had a first course as well as a main dish. He put down the sack with the hen in it, and chased off after the dove, who began cleverly to hop further and further away.
 Red feathers slipped out of the sack and put a stone in her place, then she too ran off. When the dove saw that her friend was safe, she  few up into a tree. The fox then went back and picked up the sack, thinking that the hen was still in it. When he got home, the fox tipped the sack into the pot of boiling water, but the stone splashed it all over him, and he burned his greedy paws.

20. What did the fox do, after he caught sight of Red feathers?
      a. He ran over to her.
      b. He ran home.
      c. He boiled water.
      d. He called her.

21. She fettered on to the path in the woods, and lay there, ....
      She refers to ....
      a. The hen                         c. The dove
      b. The duck               d. The swan

22. What did the fox think when he found the dove?
      a. The fox thought that he had to run.
      b. The fox thought that he had better go back.
      c. The fox thought he had a first course.
      d. The fox thought that he had to boil water.

23. What happened to the dove?
      a. she few up into tree.
      b. she was cooked by the fox.
      c. she was chased by the fox.
      d. she was put into the sack.

24. What did Red feathers do to trick the fox?
      a. she slipped out of the sack.
      b. she yelled for help.
      c. she few away to the tree.
      d. she put a stone in her place.
Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 (VIII) SMP Semester 2 UAS 2 TA 2013/2014 4.5 5 han doko Wednesday, June 11, 2014 It is in the middle of summer, the air is very hot and dry. The temperature is about 34 degrees Celsius. I am sitting by the window of my l...

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