Latihan UKK Bahasa Inggris 7 SMP UAS 2 TA 2013/2014

 on Thursday, May 22, 2014  

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d.
Text is for number 1 – 3.
Lina Aliana is a student of Biology Science at the University of Indonesia. She lives in East Jakarta. Every morning she gets up at four o’clock and washes her self. Then she has breakfast at six and at a quarter past seven she goes to University. She travels by bus.
At the university she goes to her classes. She has lunch about twelve at noon with her friends. She always has Javanese food. After lunch she usually goes to the library and reads some book.
About four in the afternoon, Lina Aliana goes home. She arrives home between six thirty and seven o’clock. She has her dinner, watches television, does her homework and goes to bed.

1. What is Lina Aliana? She is ….
a. a university student c. a university teacher
b. at the university of Indonesia d. a Biology Science at University of Indonesia

2. what time does she go to the university? She goes to the University at ….
a. 07.00 am b. 07.15 am c. 07.20 am d. 07.45 am
3. What does she usually do after lunch?
a. She does her homework c. she goes to the library and reads
b. She goes to classes d. she has dinner

Read the text for number 4 – 8.
3 Dublin Street,
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Dear Lina,
I want to be your pen pal. My name is Bob. I live in Edinburgh. It is the capital of Scotland. My father is a doctor. He works at the state hospital of Edinburgh.
My mother is a houses wife. She works at home. She looks after our family. I have two sister and two brothers. My oldest sisters, Aliana, studies at a university of USA. She is studying science. The second one, Susan is in secondary school. I am the third child. I am in the secondary school.
Write and tell me about your family and school. I am very interested to hear about your life in Singapure.
Best wishes Bob

4. Who is the sender of the letter?
a. Lina
b. Susan
c. Bob
d. Aliana

5. Bob’s mother ….
a. Works at the state hospital
b. lives in Singapore
c. Is at the hospital
d. looks after the family

6. Who is the youngest girl in Bob’s family?
a. Bob
b. Lina
c. Susan
d. Laura

7. How many persons are there in Bob’s family? There are …. Persons.
a. Three
b. four
c. five
d. six

8. Where does Lina live? She lives in ….
a. United Kingdom
b. Indonesia
c. Edinburgh
d. Singapore

The dialogue is for number 9 - 13
Andi introduces himself to Paul, an Australia boy.
Andi : Hello, may I introduce myself? My name is Andi. I am an Indonesian
student. I stay at Madubronto Street no. 7 Solo.
Paul : Hi, Andi. My name is Paul. I am an Australian. I am a student, too.
My address is at 20 main Avenue, Sidney, Australia.
Andi : Where is your school?
Paul : I go to International School Jakarta. My father is a Consultant
Engineer in Jakarta.
Andi : I see. Ok. Nice to meet you, Paul.
Paul : Nice to meet you, too

9. What is Andi’s Nationality?
a. Indonesian
b. American
c. Australian
d. Japan

10. Is Paul from America?
a. Yes, he is
b. yes, she is
c. no, he isn’t
d. no, she is not

11. Where is Andi from?
a. Australia
b. Sidney
c. Jakarta
d. solo

12. Who lives in Main Vanue?......does.
a. Paul
b. Andi
c. the writer
d. Paul’s father

13. What is Paul father? He is ….
a. a mechanic
b. a tourist
c. a consultant
d. a student

14. Bob : I haven’t seen you for a long time… Lina : I’m fine, thank you.
a. How nice you are!
b. how is your mother?
c. How are you?
d. what happen to you?

15. Teacher : Good morning, students. Students : Good morning, teacher. Teacher : …… a new student, Lina. Lina : Nice to meet you all. Student : Nice to meet you too.
a. I’d like to introduce
b. I’am happy to meet
c. It’s very nice to meet
d. I don’t think she is

16. A father asks his son to get a newspaper. Father : ….. Son : Sure, Dad.
a. Please buy me newspaper
b. may I borrow newspaper
c. Can I have this newspaper
d. can you give this newspaper

17. Lina and Bob …. a magazine
a. Run
b. meet
c. reads
d. sing

18. Kucing sedang tidur di bawah meja.
a. The cats sleeping under the table
b. the cats slept under the table
c. The cats sleep under the table
d. the cats sleeps the table

19. 1) here you’re 2) don’t mention it 3) would you get me the ruler? 4) Thanks 5) it’s under your seat. 6) sure, where is it?The good arrangement of the dialogue is ….
a. 3-5-6-1-2-4
b. 3-6-5-1-2-4
c. 3-6-5-1-4-2
d. 3-5-1-6-4-2

20. Lina ….. beautiful . she is like her mother.
a. Do
b. does
c. is
d. are
Latihan UKK Bahasa Inggris 7 SMP UAS 2 TA 2013/2014 4.5 5 han doko Thursday, May 22, 2014 A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d. Text is for number 1 – 3. Lina Aliana is a student of Biology Science at the Uni...

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