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 on Sunday, May 8, 2016  

This text is for Questions 1 to 3.
Last week, Mr. Damiri's wife had an accident. Her youngest child, Yusuf, was at home when it happened. He was playing with his new toy car. Suddenly Yusuf heard his mother calling, "Help! Help!" He ran to the kitchen. His mother had burnt herself with some hot cooking oil. She was crying with pain and the pan was on fire. Mr. Damiri had gone to his office. The other children had gone to school.
Yusuf was too small to help his mother, and she was too frightened to speak sensibly to him. But he ran to the neighbour's house and asked his 9 neighbour to come and help his mother. The neighbour soon put out the fire and took Yusuf s mother to the mother clinic.
When Mr. Damiri came home, his wife told him what had happened. He was very proud of his son, "When you are a man, you will be just like your father," she said.

1. Who took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic?
A. Her son.
B. Her husband.
C. Her neighbour.
D. Her children
2. The main idea of the second paragraph is ....
A. Mrs. Damiri had an accident
B. Mr. Damiri was proud of his son
C. Yusuf asked his the neighbour for help
D. Mr. Damiri and his other children had gone

3. How did the neighbour help Mrs. Damiri?
A. He called Mrs. Damiri's husband and ran to the kitchen.
B. He called the fireman and put out the fire.
C. He put out the fire and took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic.
D. He called the fireman and advised Mrs. Damiri to stay calm.

4. Choose the best arrangement to make a good notice.
five - under - children - don't - unattended - leave - year
   1      2           3            4             5              6          7

A. 4 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 1 - 7 - 5
B. 4 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 6 - 7
C. 4 - 6 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 7 - 5
D. 4 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 7 - 6

5. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph.

1. This means that the top of the tower is 3.9 in if the tower stands perfectly vertical.
2. Between 1990 and 2001, the tower leaned at an angle of 5.5 degrees, but now the leans at about 3.99 degrees.
3. The Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Tower of Pisa is the campanile of the cathedral and the third oldest structure in Pisa's cathedral square.
4. It is situated behind the Cathedral and the third oldest structure in Pisa's cathedral square.
5. The height of the tower is 55.86 in from the ground and the width of the walls is 4.09 m.

A. 3-4-5-2-1
B. 3-5-4-1-2
C. 3-1-2-4-5
D. 3-2-5-4-1

The following text is for Questions 6 and 7.
Bored? Exhausted? Tired?
Leave the busy big city for a while and head for the beautiful area of South Bandung where you can relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy an amazing view. Situ Patenggang is located about 1.600 in above the sea level, it is the main tourist attraction in South Bandung. The attractions offered in Situ Patenggang are the mountain range covered with tea plantations and a georgeous lake. Fishing, water cycling, observing wild life and trecking are the most common activities. Shopping, hanging out with friends at food stalls, playing card games at shelters or staying in the bungalow with family are some relaxing activities that you can do at Situ Patenggang.
(C and S)

6. What is the mountain covered with?
A. Food stalls.
B. Bungalows.
C. Tea plantations.
D. Shelters.

7. How is the weather in Situ Patenggang?
A. Hot.
B. Warm.
C. Cool.
D. Humid.

The following text is for Questions 8 to 11.
The Earth receives heat from the sun and reflects some of this heat into space. Carbon dioxide and other gases in the air act as a blanket to hold onto some of this reflected heat. As a result, the Earth is warm. This is called the greenhouse effect.
The cutting down of forests and the burning of fuels cause the air to contain more of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect. When this happens, the greenhouse effect increases. There is a rise in temperature all over the world, which is called global warming.
With increased global warming, the ice in the North Pole and the South Pole will melt. This will cause the sea-levels to rise. Plants and animals that are unable to adapt to the higher temperature will become extinct.

8. What is the text about?
A. The earth and the sun.
B. Carbon dioxide.
C. The sea level.
D. Global warming.

9. The earth reflects too much of the sun heat because ....
A. the ice at North and South Pole melt
B. the temperature of the world rise
C. carbon dioxide and other gases cover the earth
D. sea levels rise high

10. "Plants and animals that are unable to adapt to the higher temperature will becomeextinct"
The underlined word means....
A. large in size
B. will be strong
C. able to produce
D. no longer existing

11. From the text above, we can conclude that global warming is ... for living things.
A. safe
B. dangerous
C. crucial
D. important

The following text is for Questions 12 to 14.
A young and successful man was driving in his new car when he saw some children playing between parked cars. Suddenly a stone hit the car's side door. He stopped and got out of the car. Angrily he pulled one of the nearest boy and shouted, "Look! What you have done to my car! Why did you do it?" The young boy apologized. "Please mister ... please I'm sorry ... I don't know what else to do. I threw the stone to your car because I need your help". The little boy cried. He pointed to the side of the street. There was a sick boy lying there. "He is my brother. He is so sick and I couldn't put him in his wheelchair, he is too heavy for me."
The man couldn't say anything when he saw a little boy with no legs on the side of the street. He quickly lifted the sick boy and out him back into the wheelchair, then he took out his handkerchief and cleaned him, "Thank you and may God bless you," said the grateful child to the man.

12. What can we learn from the story above?
A. We have to care for other people.
B. We have to drive slowly.
C. We can't let children play.
D. We must respect older people.

13. What did the boy do to get attention from the man driving his new car?
A. He cried for help.
B. He threw a stone to the car.
C. He stood between two parked cars.
D. He stopped the man.

14. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The boy felt sorry for the car.
B. The man couldn't say anything.
C. The man helped the handicapped boy.
D. The boy asked for help.

The following text is for Questions 15 to 17.
Located just 60 km from Malaysia's capital city, Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson - "PD" - as it is known to everyone οΎ— is the nearest place to find sandy beaches and five star beach resorts. The public beaches for everyone in Port Dickson are Teluk Kemang and the Blue Lagoon where people can enjoy the waters of the Straits of Malacca in peace. They have been visited by many tourists and local people.
Beside beaches, there are several other attractions in Port Dickson; the Port Dickson Fest and the International Port Dickson Ironman Triathlon. Those who are looking for a touch of history can visit the Malaysian Army Museum near the Port Dickson town that shows the history of the army from the Malakan Sultanate to the current period.

15. The text tells about ....
A. tourist attractions in Port Dickson
B. the beaches in Port Dickson
C. tourists activities in Port Dickson beaches
D. historical buildings of Port Dickson

16. Tourists can get the information of the history of the army in ....
A. the Port Dickson Fest
B. the International Port Dickson Ironman Triathlon
C. the Malaysian Army Museum
D. the Malakan Sultanate building

17. "They have been visited by many tourists ...."
The underlined word refers to....
A. the capital city and Port Dickson
B. Teluk Kemang and the Blue Lagoon
C. the Port Dickson Fest and the International Triathlon
D. the Malaysian Army museum and the Malakan Sultanate

This text is for Question 18.

18. The text above means that we ... turn off the laser in emergency.
A. are not allowed to
B. are forbidden to
C. have to
D. may

This text is for Question 19.
Dear Juliette,
           All the hard work you have put, all the sacrifice you have made, has finally paid off.
           Congratulations on your success to be the winner of the Speech Contest For Junior High School Level 2010. We are proud of you.
Student Union Organizer

19. Student Union Organizer congratulates Juliette on ....
A. her sacrifice to be a junior high school student
B. her hard work to join the contest
C. her winning the speech contest
D. her final goal to have a high level

This text is for Question 20.

     To : Santi
I've just got the news that our grandmother passed away two hours ago.
We are going to leave for Purworejo soon to attend the funeral.
Please be here before 7 p.m.

20. What does Tati tell Santi?
A. The death of their grandmother.
B. The plan to have a burial ceremony.
C. The plan to do it before 7. p.m.
D. The ceremony for the death person.

The following text is for Questions 21 and 22.

Marrickville West Public School
PHONE (02) 95581137 FAX (02) 95595961
The Community of Marrickville West Primary School
You are invited  to:
Presentation Day 2010
Venue    : School hall
Time      : Thursday 4'h February, 2010
                10.00 am
We look forward to sharing this celebration of achievement with our school community

Ruth Bradfield Ling

21. What event will take place at Marrickville West Primary School?
A. Community Gathering.
B. Community Celebration.
C. Presentation day 2010.
D. School Achievement.

22. From the text, we know that ....
A. the presentation day is just for students' parents
B. the presentation will be held late in the afternoon
C. the principal are allowed outsiders to enter the school hall on May 10th 2010
D. parents, teachers, students and the staffs are likely to attend the presentation day

The following text is for Questions 23 and 24.

Sunday, 7 February 2010 04:54 p.m.
From :
To :

Dear Ufa,
I'm so exited about my coming to Jakarta. I'm sure this is going to be one of my best summer holidays.
My flight schedule is fixed already. I'm leaving from Kansai International Airport Osaka at 11.00 a.m. (9 a.m. Jakarta time) Sunday, February 28, 2010. We'll have a short transit at Bali and will arrive at Jakarta at 05.10 p.m. (local time). The flight number is GA 886.
Thanks so much for picking me up at the airport.
See you soon.


23. Where is Yuko going to spend her summer holiday?
A. Kansai.
B. Osaka.
C. Bali.
D. Jakarta.

24. What time does the plane take off from Kansai?
A. 04.54 a.m.
B. 11.00 a.m.
C. 09.00 P.M.
D. 05.10 p.m.

The following text is for Questions 25 to 28.
Aloe vera is also known as the "crocodile's tongue" plant in Indonesia. It is called so because the leave is thick, long and sharp, and the sides are serrated like the body of a crocodile. Aloe vera is planted in dry areas and in warm climates. It takes little water to grow.
Aloe vera is a short-stemmed succulent plant growing to 60-100 cm tall. Spreading by offsets, the stems are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green, with some varieties showing white flecks on the upper and lower stem surfaces. Aloe vera is a multifunctional plant. It can be used to cure a wound caused by burning. Using aloe vera to heal the wound is easy and simple. Pick the leaves, peel the rind, then squeeze the sticky liquid and spread it over the wound. Aloe vera also can be made into healthy drink to prevent rheumatism and diabetes because it contains vitamin and minerals.
Generally, the drink helps to repair the damaged cells and makes the organs of the human body work well. Aloe vera can also make our hair thick too. Apply it over the scalp and massage it gently so it could soak thoroughly. Ten minutes later, rinse the hair.

25. What does the text mostly tell us about?
A. Crocodile tongue.
B. A special plant.
C. Aloe Vera.
D. A crocodile plant.

26. Where does aloe vera grow?
A. In dry areas and warm climates.
B. In wet areas and cold climates.
C. In the mountain and dry areas.
D. In wet and damp places.

27. "It can be used for curing the wounds caused by burning."
From the underlined word, we can conclude that ....
A. aloe vera is a medical herb
B. the plant has a magical power
C. aloe vera is a very fleshy plant
D. aloe vera can be squeezed

28. What does paragraph three tell us about?
A. The physical appearance of aloe vera.
B. The advantages of aloe vera.
C. The procedure to plant aloe vera.
D. The reason why aloe vera called crocodile's tongue.

The following text is for Questions 29 to 33.
In December 1984, there was an explosion at the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India. The disaster that followed the accident shocked the whole world. It was the worst industrial accident in the world.
Most of the 750,000 people living in Bhopal were asleep when the accident occurred. Many of them never woke up. A thick cloud of gas spread over the whole city. The chemical gas affected the breathing of the people and about 3500 people died, but more than 50,000 people were seriously injured. Many of them suffered from lung injury which would make them suffer for the rest of their lives. Others suffered from injury to their eyes, some even lost their eyesight. Most of the casualties were children and elderly people.
For thousands of people in Bhopal, that night was like any other night. But a little after midnight, the poisonous gas slowly leaked into the atmosphere. Hundreds of people woke up from their sleep coughing and vomiting. Others woke up with eyes watering and some were temporarily blinded. Many people tried to escape the poisonous clouds by getting out of town. They tried to get any kind of vehicle to get out of the town to save their lives. Hundreds of poor people tried to flee the town on foot but many of them dropped on the way.

29. What is the text about?
A. People living in Bhopal.
B. The Union Carbide Factory in Bhopal.
C. The poisonous gas at the Union Carbide factory.
D. An explosion at the union carbide factory in Bhopal, India.

30. "Hundreds of poor people tried of flee to the town on foot.
The underlined word means ....
A. run away
B. jump over
C. moved in
D. crawl into

31. Why did the victims of the accident in Bhoppal suffered from lung injury?
A. Because the chemical gas from the explosion effected their breathing.
B. Because the accident happened in the middle of the night.
C. Because they tried hard to escape to save their lives.
D. Because they run fast out of the town.

32. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
A. The accident in Bhopal shocked the world.
B. The victims of the accident tried hard to save their lives.
C. The victims of the explosion were children and elderly people.
D. Many people in Bhopal suffered from lung injury.

33. Based on the text, we can conclude that poor people dropped on the way to the town because ....
A. they gasped for breath
B. they were affected by the poisonous gas
C. they didn't have any cars
D. they went to town on foot

The following text is for Questions 34 to 37.
A long time ago, there lived an old man in Penanggungan Mountain. His name was Kiai Gede Penanggungan. He had supernatural power. Kiai Gede Penanggungan had a beautiful daughter named Dewi Walangangin who hadn't married yet. Kiai Gede Penanggungan prayed days and nights for her daughter to have a husband. One day, a young handsome man came to his place. The name of the man is Jaka Pandelengan. He wanted to be Kiai Gede Penanggungan's student. Kiai Gede agreed to have Jaka as his student with one condition that he would marry her daughter. Jaka Pandelengan and Dewi Walangangin soon got married. Kiai Gede Penanggungan taught Jaka many things.
After several years, now it was time for the couple to live separately with Kiai Gede Penanggungan. They would move to another village. Kiai Gede gave some seeds of pari or paddy to the couple. He asked the couple to plant the seed. He also warned the couple not to be arrogant when they were rich from planting the seed. He wanted the couple to helped poor people. The couple started a new life. They planted the seed. Soon, the seeds grew a lot of rice. Now the couple became very rich. The poor neighbours came to the couple to ask for some pari seed. But the couple refused to help them.
Kiai Gede heard the couple's bad behavior. Soon he visited the couple. He met them when the couple was working in the field. Kiai Gede talked to the couple. He reminded the couple not to be arrogant. But the couple ignored him. They said nothing to Kiai Gede. Kiai Gede got very angry. Then he said, "You two are like temples. You cannot listen to me." Right after he said those words, an incredible thing happened. Slowly, Jaka and Dewi turned into temples. Because the temples stood among the pari, people then named them as Pari Temple.

34. What made Jaka Pandelengan and his wife becoming rich?
A. Built a temple.
B. Planted pari.
C. Helped poor people.
D. Had a great power.

35. The couple becomes a temple because ....
A. Kiai Gede liked them
B. they were rich
C. Kiai Gede said so
D. they were good people

36. " ... , an incredible thing happened ......
The underlined word means ....
A. untouchable
B. unbelievable
C. common
D. usual

37. What can we learn from the story?
A. We have to listen to our parent's advice.
B. We should live separately from our parents.
C. We have to prepare a good paddy field.
D. We should refuse other's people help.

The following text is for Questions 38 to 41.
Asep Sunandar Sunarya is Indonesia's most famous puppeteer in "wayang golek", a traditional Indonesian wooden puppet show originating from the West Java province. He was born in September 1955 in a small kampong near Bandung, the capital of West Java. Asep followed in his father's footstep and became a puppeteer while he was a teenager.
Asep is a gifted storyteller. He moves his puppets through rough fight scenes, where he throws his puppets and spin them in the air.
Asep like to combine modernity and tradition in performing wayang golek. Sometimes, his puppets have the face of a clown, sticking out their tongues and he even moves puppet heads during his performances. His performances are always entertaining as well as educational.
Asep has been invited to perform not only throughout Indonesia, but also in European, American, and Asian countries. As a master puppeteer, he usually performs alone, but because the length of the performances and the hundreds of puppets that he employs, Asep always has assistants to help him.

38. The text describes ....
A. the creator of wooden puppets
B. a famous wayang golek puppeteer
C. the generation of wayang golek
D. Sundanese movements

39. How are Asep Sunandar's wayang golek performances?
A. Showing only clown puppets. -
B. Mixing the performances with people dancing.
C. Entertaining and educating people.
D. Giving modern decoration.

40. The main idea of paragraph 3 is ....
A. Asep moves the puppets very slowly and carefully
B. Asep educates people with many clown puppets
C. Asep always keeps his performances with old tradition
D. Asep mixes the tradition with modernity

41. "... Asep always has assistants to help him."
The underlined word refers to ....
A. Asep's puppeteer assistant
B. Asep's employee
C. Asep's clown puppet
D. Asep Sunandar Sunarya

The following text is for Questions 42 and 43.
Serving size : 1 tablet
Servings per container : 30
                                                                    Amount         % Daily value
                                                                    of serving
Vitamin C (as non acidic calcium ascorbate) 250 mg            416,67 mg
Calcium (as calcium ascorbate)                      50 mg                7,14 mg
Citrus bioflavonoid*                                        50 mg
Rutin*                                                             25 mg
Hesperidin*                                                     25 mg
Rose hips*                                                   125 mg
Acerola*                                                           5 mg
* Daily value not established
Suggested use : 1 tablet after meal
This product contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives,
milk, egg, sugar, chemical solvent, starch or gluten

42. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To advertise a supplement for woman.
B. To describe a product for adult.
C. To give detailed information about the supplement.
D. To tell the value of a supplement.

43. "This product contains no artificial ..."
The word "artificial" in the sentence means ....
A. original
B. pure
C. unnatural
D. inexpensive

The following text is for Questions 44 and 45.
Sand Pictures
Things you need:
  • Stiff paper or card
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sand
  • Objects for templates

  • Arrange some objects (for example, some sea shells) on a piece of paper or card to use as templates.
  • Spread glue around them and all over the piece of paper.
  • Sprinkle sand evenly over the paper.
  • Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Remove the objects.
  • Tip the paper to shake off any excess sand.

44. What objects can we use for templates?
A. Scissors.
B. Sands.
C. Sea shells.
D. Stiff papers.

45. Based on the text, we know that sand pictures are good for ....
A. key holders
B. book covers
C. gift wraps
D. wall decoration

For numbers 46 to 48, choose the suitable words to fill in the blanks.
Scientists ... (46) that increase in these gases in the atmosphere will make the Earth a warmer place. They expect a global rise in the average temperature of 1.4. to 5.8 Celsius degrees (2.5 to 10.4 Fahrenheit degrees) in the next century. The average ... (47) has in fact been rising. The 1990s were the warmest decade on record, and 2005 was the warmest year on record. Some scientists are reluctant to say that global warming has actually begun because climate ... (48) varies from year to year and decade to decade, and it takes many years of records to be sure of a fundamental change. There is little disagreement, though, that global warming is on its way.

46. A. hope
B. think
C. expect
D. predict

47. A. climate
B. weather
C. temperature
D. atmosphere

48. A. absolutely
B. naturally
C. totally
D. extremely

The following text is for Questions 49 and 50.
To                     : All Employees
Effective date   : February 1", 2010
Subject             : Staff uniforms
All employees are required to wear a uniform during work hours. This is to make it easier to distinguish them from customers.
Women should wear a colorful blouse with black pants or a black knee-length skirt. Men should wear black pants with an orange or red T-shirt.

49. What should woman employees wear?
A. An orange shirt and black pants.
B. A yellow skirt and black pants.
C. A black skirt and colourful blouse.
D. A white skirt and colourful blouse.

50. Why do all employees have to wear a uniform during work hours?
A. To differentiate them from the customers.
B. To show that they have a good uniform.
C. To give them good appearance.
D. To make them friendly.

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