Cara Cepat Mengerjakan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII SMP

 on Wednesday, December 24, 2014  

Membaca --> menentukan gambaran umum teks tertentu

Contoh soal 1 :

The sugar glider is a marsupial, just like the many other Australian animals- the kangaroo, the koala and the wombat for instance. The sugar glider is a possum – very similar to the tupai in Indonesia. It basically lives in trees. It eats leaves and fruit. However, the Australian sugar glider has a very special skill. It can jump from tree to tree like a tupai but it can also ‘sort of fly’ as well. In fact, it glides or terbang layang in Bahasa Indonesia. When it jumps from one tree to another it spreads its four legs out wide; and its extra skin also spreads out and functions like a parachute.

What does the text tell about?
a.    The kangaroo
b.    The Koala
c.    The wombat
d.    The sugar glider

Pembahasan :
Jika ada judul teks maka jawabannya adalah judul teks
Maka jawabannya d. The Sugar glider

Contoh soal 2         
        The largest meat-eating animal in the world is the brown bear that lives in Alaska.“Brownie”, as this bear is called, will always keep away from people. But, be careful if it is wounded with a gun or the mother bear and her cubs are shocked. Some hunters claim thebrown bear can outfight a tiger.
        A  grown brownie may be up to nine feet tall. It may weigh over 1.600 pounds. But home when the brown bear  is born, it weighs less than one pound. If you grew at the same rate, you would weigh almost 10.000 pounds when you were fully grown.

What does the text mostly tell about?
a.    Brown bear
b.    Strong hunters
c.    Fighting tiger
d.    Alaska people

Pembahasan :Jika teks tidak memiliki judul maka jawabannya adalah subyek kalimat yang sering disebutkan didalam teks
Jawabannya adalah a. Brown bear


MEMBACA : Menentukan tujuan komunikasi teks iklan
Contoh Soal  :
7 days only
Store wide
At all DC World Bookstore
Up to 40% discount

What is the purpose of the text above ?
a.    To announce the discount at DC  World bookstore
b.    To inform the promo at DC World Bookstore
c.    To tell us about the 40% discount
d.    To advertise the bookstore

Pembahasan soal:
Siswa harus bisa menentukan jenis teks berdasarkan ciri2 dari teks tersebut
Ciri2 Teks Iklan  biasanya :
- Ada  gambar produk barang yang diiklankan
- Keistimewaan produk
- Persentase diskon
- keterangan harga

Jenis teks untuk teks diatas adalah  teks iklan/advertisement
Maka tujuan komunikasi/purpose teks iklan adalah to advertise/to promote ( untuk mempromosikan)
Jawaban : d. To advertise the bookstore

Latihan soal untuk Sahabat  !

Free car LCD & PS ONE*)
Celebarating Indomobil 27th anniversary
Off the road:
171,5 m Spirit
236 m Kingroad
2009,5 m Grandroad

Take your family on a vacation
with the tough Nissan Terrano
See the break of dawn up at Mount bromo
or watching the breath-taking view of the sunset
at Senggigi Beach, Lombok.
Hurry start your trip  today
because NISSAN TERRANO Spirit SI now comes with an entertainment package
Car LCD 7 + Play Station PS One*)
While stocks last.

What is the purpose of the text above?
a. to entertain the owner of NISSAN TERRANO car using PS One and Car LCD 7
b. to inform the people to enjoy Bromo and Sengigi Beach using NISSAN car
c. to give entertaiment package, "Car LCD 7" and " PS One" to the owner of NISSAN car
d. to promote the new versions of NISSAN TERRANO car


MEMBACA : Menentukan main idea pada paragraph tertentu

Contoh soal :

Unlike other international airlines which have stopped flights to Jakarta, Garuda Indonesia has no plan to delay its operation in the capital city.

Garuda Indonesia spokesman Pujobroto said the national flag airlines had not received any notification that Soekarno-Hatta Airport had been affected by the volcanic ash from the Mt. Merapi eruption about 500 kilometers to the east.
"There has been no notification from the aviation authorities which says the airport is affected by the volcanic ash. Therefore Garuda continues its activities", Pujobroto said as quoted by

A total 13 international  carries stopped their flights to Jakarta on Saturday, concerned about volcanic ash in the aire that could cause damage to their aircraft engines, and endanger safety. they are Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad,Turkish Air, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa and KLM.

Separately, Soekarno Hatta Airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II said the airport was safe and not affected by volcano's eruptions. "The airport is considered normal and safe so far", airport operator's president director Tri S Sunoko said.

What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
a. 13 international carries stopped their flights to Jakarta because of
    the volcanic ash.
b. Malaysia Airline, AirAsia,Singapore Airlines are some of international

c. Volcanic ash in the air could cause damage to aircraft and engines
d. 13 international carries are in critical situation in Jakarta
                                                           ( Soal Ujian Nasional 2010-1011)

Pembahasan soal :

Main idea biasanya ( sebagian besar) berada pada kalimat pertama setiap paragraph. 

Jawaban : 
a. 13 international carries stopped their flights to Jakarta
     because of the volcanic ash.


MEMBACA : Menentukan tujuan komunikasi sebuah teks

Contoh soal :

An animal nursery is a kind of job. People who work as animal nursery workers work in zoos, kennerls, animal shelters, and circuses. They are responsible for feeding, watering, cleaning, bathing and exercising animals. They keep records of treatments that the animals have received from the veterinarian, an animal doctor.

Animal nursery workers have serious responsibilities and function. They provide care for newborns and young animals, prepare their food, transport them to feeding areas, and deliver food and water to them. The food they prepare is different for each species of animals they care for. They fill nursing bottles which have been sterilized with the appropriate feeding formula. They also take care of orphaned animals. They observe newborn animals and check for signs of disease or abnormality. They may perform physical exam on the young animals occasionally, taking their temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. They are also in charge of cleaning and preparing comfortable sleeping areas for animals, removing waste, cleaning and disinfecting them they also make sure all cages and enclosures are safe.

What is the purpose of the writer to write the text above?
a. to entertain the readers with the animal nursery workers' story
b. to explain the hobbies of the animal nursery workers
c. to explain how to be an animal nursery workers.
d. to describe the job of animal nursery workers.
                                                      ( soal Ujian Nasional 2010-2011)

Pembahasan soal:

Siswa harus bisa mengidentifikasi jenis teks diatas berdasarkan ciri2 teks tersebut.
Ciri2 teks Deskripsi/Report
1.             Menggambarkan sesuatu, bisa berupa benda, manusia (tokoh terkenal), hewan ,tumbuhan, profesi, suatu tempat dll.
2.             Di dalam teks terdapat data yang berupa angka( meter, kg) , percentase, tanggal, tahun dll
3.             Paragraph pertama/ kalimat pertama berupa identifikasi sesuatu yang digambarkan
4.             Paragraph berikutnya berupa gambaran2 dari sesuatu yang diidentifikasi pada paragraph pertama.

Jika sahabat menemukan ciri2 seperti itu maka teks tersebut berjenis Descriptive/Report.
Tujuan komunikasi ---> To describe......( sesuatu yang digambarkan)

Jawaban : d. to describe the job of animal nursery workers


MEMBACA : Menentukan tujuan komunikasi teks

Contoh soal :

Once when a Lion was a sleep a little Mouse began running up and down upon him; this soon wakened the lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him," Pardon, O king," cried the littlemouse :"forgive me this time, I shall never forget it: who knows but what I may be able to do you a turn some of these days?" The Lion was so tickled at at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him, that he lifted up his paw and let him go. Some time after the Lion was caught in a trap, and the
hunters who desired to carry him alive to the King, tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on. Just then the little Mouse happened to pass by, and seeing the sad plight in which the Lion was, went up to him and soon gnawed away the ropes that bound the King of the Beasts. " Was I not right?" said the little Mouse.

What is the purpose of the text above ?
a. to tell about the lion and the mouse
b. to describe the lion and the mouse
c. to entertain the reader
d. to tell about the past event

Pembahasan soal :

Siswa harus bisa mengidentifikasi jenis teks diatas dengan mengetahui ciri2 teks tersebut :
Berikut ciri2 teks Naratif :

1.             Diawali dengan kata once, once upon a time, a long time ago, one day, etc.
2.             Banyak kata kerja berakhiran ed ( menggunakan simple past tense)
3.             Mengidentifikasi judul The legend of..... (nama 2 ekor hewan) the ant and the elephant, the turtle and the rabbit, the fox and the crow etc. (nama manusia + nama hewan) the young man and the Lion etc.
4.             Subyek / tokoh utama hewan atau benda bisa dipastikan itu adalah teks naratif.

Maka jika didalam teks terdapat ciri2 diatas teks tersebut berjenis Naratif. Teks Naratif memiliki tujuan komunikasi ---> to entertain/ to amuse the reades.

Jawaban : c. to entertain the reader 


Membaca --->  Menentukan informasi rinci
(Download Power Point Menentukan informasi Rinci KLIK DISINI)





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