Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX (9) SMP UAS I Semester 1 TA 2014/2015

 on Tuesday, December 9, 2014  

1. I asked to come earlier, _______.
a. and she didn’t
b. but she did
c. but she didn’t
d. while she wasn’t

2. We have finished the work _______.
a. too
b. either
c. did too
d. have too

3. They had no enough time to participate in the discussion, ________.
a. and we didn’t either
b. and we didn’t neither
c. and we did too
d. and neither do we

4. If you have to come, ________.
a. so did I
b. so do I
c. so have I
d. but I do

5. ________ but I could.
a. He went to school early in the morning
b. He cannot speak English well
c. They couldn’t finish the test on time
d. They didn’t go to the restaurant last night

6. They failed the test because they didn’t have any preparation for it and he ________.
a. does too
b. did too
c. was too
d. didn’t either

7. X: My watch doesn’t say the right time I think. How about you?
Y: Oh sorry, mine ________.
a. doesn’t either
b. says the right time
c. didn’t say either
d. was not either

8. Among the students in the class, it is Tina who _______.
a. always comes earlier
b. always come to school in the morning
c. always comes earliest
d. usually come the most earlier

9. My hometown is ________ than your other towns in Java.
a. colder as much
b. as much cold
c. much colder
d. as much colder

10. He told the students not to come late on Monday, ________.
a. and neither did the students
b. and the students didn’t either
c. but they did
d. and they did

11. Because of the rain, the principle couldn’t come to school on time ________.
a. and the students didn’t either
b. and the students couldn’t either
c. and also the students couldn’t come
d. and so could the students

12. He is an honest young man. He never breaks his promise _______.
a. and so did his friend, Dani
b. and so does his friend, Dani
c. but his friend Dani doesn’t either
d. but Dani isn’t

13. All the students have to come on time, and ________.
a. is the teacher
b. did the teacher
c. does the teacher too
d. so does the teacher

14. Shally would answer the phone if she ________ at her office right now.
a. will be
b. stays
c. were
d. has been

15. If the mechanic had done the work properly, I ________ no problem with my car yesterday.
a. would have had
b. have had
c. would have
d. had had

16. “Why did you leave your very good job in that company?”
“I ________ if the payment had been better.”
a. have stayed
b. may stay
c. would stay
d. wouldn’t have done it

17. If only we ________ the police for directions, we wouldn’t have got lost.
a. asked
b. have asked
c. would asked
d. had asked

18. If the students had known that yesterday was public holiday, _______ to school.
a. they should come
b. they should have come
c. they wouldn’t have come
d. they wouldn’t come

19. If he ________ the permission to marry her, he wouldn’t have married another woman.
a. had loved
b. had gotten
c. got
d. would get

20. If he had established clean government, he _______ a lot of criticisms.
a. would get
b. wouldn’t get
c. would have got
d. wouldn’t have got

21. If the man _______ the bank scandals, he would have not been fined and jailed for several months.
a. was not involved
b. would not be involved
c. had not been involved
d. had involved

22. Reza _______ than her sister.
a. is prettier
b. is more pretty
c. is the most pretty
d. is prettier from

23. Dion ________ play tennis than volley ball.
a. prefer
b. would rather
c. would
d. would like

24. Ann has four books and a couple of pens. This sentence means _______.
a. She has more books than pens
b. She has more pens than books
c. She has fewer books than pens
d. She has as many as pens as books

25. Yesterday, Mike and I went to buy two bags. Mike’s bag is _______ as mine.
a. more expensive
b. bigger
c. larger
d. as expensive

26. Cessa _______ studying grammar to math. Wherever she goes, a grammar book is always in her hand.
a. would rather
b. prefer
c. likes better
d. likes more

27. Yetti _______ watching TV at home to going out with friends.
a. would rather
b. prefers
c. is like
d. is fond of

28. Ron is in London. at the moment he _______ at Hilton Hotel.
a. stayed
b. is staying
c. stays
d. has stayed

29. Kathy usually sits in the front row during the class, but today she _______ in the last row.
a. sits
b. seat
c. is sitting
d. is to sit

30. I wrote to my old friend Ann last week. Up to know, she hasn’t answered my letter. Now, I ______ the reply.
a. wait for
b. will wait for
c. am waiting for
d. want to wait for

31. Diane can’t come to the phone because she _______ her hair.
a. is to wash
b. washed
c. was washing
d. is washing

32. Please be quite. I _______ to concentrate.
a. tried
b. am trying
c. was trying
d. will try

33. Barbara often tutors other students in her matn class. This morning, she ________ Steve with his math assignment.
a. is helping
b. wants to help
c. must help
d. helped

34. Tomorrow, she _______ to UK.
a. will go
b. went
c. gone
d. has gone

35. The hunter’s fatal accident ________ in the newspaper yesterday.
a. was reported
b. will be reported
c. has been reported
d. can be reported

36. Last week, I _______ a job at a local bank, but I didn’t accept it.
a. was offering
b. was offered
c. was to offer
d. was offers

37. About ten percent of the earth’s land area, or nearly 5,8 million square miles, ________ by glacial ice.
a. were covered
b. has covered
c. to be covered
d. is covered

38. The Amazon valley is extremely important to the ecology of the earth. Forty percent of the world’s oxygen ________ there.
a. are being produced
b. are produced
c. is produced
d. was produced

39. Madona ________ a single concert next July in Jakarta.
a. will have
b. will be had
c. will be
d. has

40. Floritte ________ you a salad in Cafe’ Makassar next Saturday.
a. will be treated
b. will be
c. will treated
d. will treat
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