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Jeanne: I left home when I was eighteen to go to drama college. I grew up in a small industrial town in Lancashire, which really did not offer much for a girl of my age, so off I went to London. I went there with my best friend Hilary who had also managed to get a place at the same college. We shared a flat in Hackney, which is in the east end of London and happily spent the next three years living an exciting and cosmopolitan life. As a northerner in London you are never alone. The place is full of people who are trying to get on, which I suppose is the reason I am here London’s West End whose theatres are known world wide, is without doubt still the focus for entertainment, that’s why me and people like me flock here. After struggling for a year or two I finally got a break and landed a part in ‘The Mouse Trap’ which is London’s longest running play. The director at the time, whose family also came from Lancashire, was a great help and kept me going when things were difficult. Of course, all that was a long time ago. Now London is where I feel I belong.

Choose the correct a, b, c, or d.

31.   How many characters are there mentioned in the text
a.     two                                                c.   four
b.     three                                              d.   five

32.   The text is talking about the life of ….
a.     Hilary                                             c.   Hockey
b.     Yudi                                               d.   Jeanne

33.   The speaker of the text is ….
a.     an Indonesian woman                      c.    a Malaysian girl
b.     an English woman                            d.    an English man

34.   Jeanne had to go to London because ….
a.     she grew up in a small industrial town in Lancashire
b.     she did not have much opportunity to study drama if she kept staying there
c.     Lancashire is a cosmopolitan city
d.     London is not far from her home town
35.   She was … years old when she left for London
a.     18                                                  c.   20
b.     19                                                  d.   21

36.   The place is full of people who are trying to get on ….
       The underlined word has the same meaning as ….
a.     to continue                                      c.   to go on board
b.     to be successful                               d.   to raise

Wacana 2


In a modern hospital there are two separate entrances. One is in the emergency entrance and the other is the main entrance.
On the ground floor inside the main entrance a reception area, a waiting room, and also an office. We can also find numerous other departments. On the lower floor there are the laundry and the kitchen. On another floor there may be a maternity section for mothers and their babies.
On the upper floors are usually the rooms for other patients. There are small rooms for one to four patients and large ones called wards, in which as many as 40 or 50 patients can stay in rows of beds. On other floors there are operating theatres, radiology department, the laboratory, the pharmacy, blood bank and sterilizing department.
Professional health workers are needed to run a hospital effectively. And of course, good doctors play important roles in achieving the success of the hospital management.

37.   The main idea of paragraph one is ….
a.     The Emergency entrance                  c.   Modern hospital
b.     Two separate entrance                     d.   The main entrance

38.   The people get information in a hospital in ….
a.     a radiology department                    c.   a reception area
b.     an emergency room                        d.   a pharmacy

39.   There are small rooms for one to four patients and large ones …. (paragraph 3)
       The underlined words refer to ….
a.     patients                                          c.   rooms
b.     wards                                             d.   beds

40.   Where do the surgeon works? They work in ….
a.     the pharmacy                                  c.   the radiology department
b.     the operating theatres                      d.   the sterilizing department

41.   A person who trained to assist women in child birth is ….
a.     a midwife                                        c.   a surgery
b.     a nurse                                           d.   a radiologist

42.   A:  Where will you go John?
       B:  I will go to the … . I want to observe the blood patients
       A:  Oh I see
a.     laboratory                                       c.   operating theatre
b.     blood bank                                      d.   emergency room

43.   X:  What is the matter with your mother Susi?
       Y:  She got an accident on Jl. Ahmad Yani last week.
       X:  I am sorry to hear that.
            Have you taken her to the hospital?
       Y:  Yes, we have. She is in the hospital now.
       X:  I hope she will better soon.
       The underlined sentence expresses ….
a.     offering help                                   c.   asking for information
b.     sympathy                                       d.   surprise

44.   X:  Which do you like to stay in Bandung or in Sumedang?
       Y:  ….
a.     I like living in Bandung better than in Sumedang
b.     I like to stay in Bandung to Sumedang
c.     I like living in Bandung more than in Sumedang
d.     I like to stay in Bandung than in Sumedang

45.   father – car – my – the – is – in – man – the
       The correct sentence is ….
a.     Father in the car is my man              c.   The man is my father in the car
b.     The man in the car is my father        d.   My father in the car is the man

46.   Shogun runs 100 km an hour.
       Astrea runs 100 km an hour.
       We can say that Shogun runs … Astrea.
a.     as slow as                                       c.   as fast as
b.     faster than                                      d.   quickly

Wacana 3

Indonesia lies a long the equator. This is the reason why its climate is tropical. Rain here is the heaviest between the month of November and February while from June to September we have the driest periods. Temperature ranges between 0 (zero) to 30 (thirty) degrees centigrade.
Indonesia has a territory that spreads between two continents Asia and Australia. It consists of 13.667 islands that stretch 3200 miles from East to West and 1100 miles from North to South. Indonesia is the fifth most populous country in the word, following China, India, the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

47.   How many islands does Indonesia have ?
a.     3200                                              c.   13.667
b.     1100                                              d.   1904345

48.   Indonesia in called archipelago. Why?
a.     Because it has tropical climate          c.   Because it lies along the equator
b.     Because it has many islands             d.   Because it has two seasons

49.   Indonesia is the fifth most populous country.
       The underlined word means ….
a.     having a large population
b.     people who live in an area
c.     a person who has full rights as a member of a country
d.     well known

50.   The main idea of paragraph one is ….
a.     The reason why Indonesia has the driest periods
b.     The reason why Indonesia has tropical climate
c.     The reason why Indonesia has two seasons

d.     The reason why Indonesia lies a long equator

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