Prediksi Tryout UN SMP TA 2013/2014

 on Friday, February 14, 2014  

The bell was ringing. It was time for Adi's class to have Physics in the laboratory. They enjoy studying Physics in the laboratory. They have chances to use the apparatus like flashes, pipettes, test tube, etc and to make simple experiments.
    Adi was in the same group as Rita. They also wore white uniform called a lab glass. The teacher was distributing the worksheet when suddenly she heard a little scream. It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table and broke a little and cut his finger. The teacher took care of him soon 

1.   Who is preparing the instruments for the experiment?

A. Girls.
B. Boys.
C. The teacher.
D. The students

2.   What happened to Adi's finger?

A. It was cut by the glass apparatus.
B. It broke an apparatus
C. It was cut by knife.
D. It knocked the apparatus

3.   3. What does the second paragraph tell about?

A. How to operate the apparatus.
B. The instrument for the experiment.
C. The activities in the laboratory.
D. The physics class I the second period

4.   Mrs. Partini : Your library card, please? 
Rita             : Oops,…, I forgot to bring it. 
Mrs. Partini : So, you can't borrow this book.

A. How come
B. I'm sad
C. I'm sorry
D. With my pleasure

5.   Mr. Heru : It was such a good presentation. Who is she? 
Mr. Budi  : That's my new secretary. 
Mr. Heru : Tell me more about her. 
Mr. Budi :  Well, she is not only smart but also … languages very well.

A. Will speak
B. Has spoken
C. can speak
D. is speaking

6.   Mother : What are you looking for? 
Lina      : Some food. I am starving. 
Mother : It's in the fridge. 
Lina      : …nothing left, mom.

A. There are
B. There is
C. There isn't
D. There aren't

7.   Susi         : Can I have some apples, please? 
Salesman : … One do you want? 
Susi         : The red one, please!

A. How many
B. How many
C. Which
D. What

8.   Rani    : Hello, I'm back. 
Father : Oh hi, nice to see you again. How was your camping? 
Rani    : …It was great. It was an exciting experience. 
Father : I'm happy to hear that.

A. We're enjoying it.
B. We really enjoyed it.
C. We're going to enjoy it.
D. We're have been enjoying it.

9.   Dini   : How much, water do you need to water the flowers? 
Putra : Only some…My garden is not as large as yours.

A. glasses
B. pails
C. spoonfuls
D. pools

This is Mr. Burhan's house. It is big, clean and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the house. There are some plants and flowers in the garden! There is a living room, a dining room, three bathrooms, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a garage. Mr. Burhan has some pets; a dog, a cat, and a parrot. Mr. Burhan take care of the pets very carefully

10.   It is big, clean and comfortable. 
The underlined word means…

A. beautiful
B. unattractive
C. uninteresting
D. enjoyable

11.   Mr. Burhan has some pets; a dog, a cat, and a parrot.
The word "pets" means…

A. tame animals
B. beautiful animals
C. favorite animals kept at home
D. tame animas kept at the zoo

Son     : Father, I have a sore throat. I cannot swallow the food.
Father : Have you taken medicine?
Son     : Yes but it doesn't get better.
Father : Now you should go to a doctor.
Son     : No, I am afraid of a doctor.
Father : But why?
Son     : I don't want to be injected.
Father : But you have to.
             Now, ask Mother to take you to doctor.

12.   Why can't the boy swallow the food?

A. He has a sore throat.
B. His throat is bleeding.
C. He has a stomachache.
D. His Throat is closed.

13.   What does his father suggest his son should do?

A. Drink medicine.
B. Visit a doctor.
C. Swallow medicine.
D. Stay at home.

14.   From the dialogue we know that father and his son are at…

A. hospital.
B. school.
C. a doctor's room.
D. home.

15.   Why is the son afraid of seeing s doctor?

A. Because he is afraid of being injected.
B. Because of the frightening doctor.
C. Because he wants to get better.
D. Because an injection is dangerous.

16.   'Father, I have a sore throat" (line one). 
The underlined word in the sentence means the .... the mouth.

A. back part of
B. front of
C. passage in
D. side par of

17.   Doni - can you help me put this plate - this bowl - and thee spoons on the table - please. The correct punctuation of the above is…

A. : : , ,?
B. : ; , , ?
C. , , , , ?
D. , , . . ?

18.   Mila  : What, it's a nice day, isn't it? 
Dodi : Yes, it's good for fishing. 
Mila  : how about going fishing to Marina Beach? 
Wati  : …I have to stay at home.

A. Forgive me, please.
B. Excuse me, Reza.
C. I'm afraid, I can't.
D. I'm not afraid.

19.   Mr. Karno : Do you ever come to school late?. 
Andri         : No, Sir. I never come to school late. 
Mr. Karno : That's good. But how come? 
Andri         : Because I…Go to school early.

A. always.
B. really.
C. seldom.
D. sometimes

20.   Tia     : Oh, my thumb hurt. Can you get me "Betadine", please? It is on the table. 
Galuh : …here it is. 
Tia     : Thank you

A. of course you are
B. I doubt.
C. Never mind.
D. Certainly.

21.   Yuli   : Hi Rano. Have you got any plans on Sunday? 
Rano : Yes, I'm going to go to the bookshop, and you? 
Yuli   : Hm. I … my favorite tailor tomorrow. I want to have a pair of trousers sewn.

A. visit.
B. will visit.
C. visited.
D. have visited.

22.   Dian     : What about my new dress, mom? 
Mother : Don't worry. Your father ... a lovely evening dress for you. 
Dian     : Really? Why didn't he tell me? 
Mother : It will be a surprise, wont it?

A. haven't bought.
B. has bought.
C. isn't buying.
D. was buying.

23.   Hendra : Did the boys study after class? 
Ayu      : No. 
Hendra : What did they do? 
Ayu      : They … football

A. play
B. plays
C. played
D. will play

24.   Mother    : It's very cold tonight. Take me the … please. 
Daughter : OK. Here it is, mom.

A. hat
B. shoes
C. sweater
D. T shirt

25.   Father : Have you brushed your…, Andi? 
Andi   : Of course, I have, I have to keep hem clean and white, don't I?

A. teeth
B. nails
C. hair
D. tooth
Prediksi Tryout UN SMP TA 2013/2014 4.5 5 han doko Friday, February 14, 2014 The bell was ringing. It was time for Adi's class to have Physics in the laboratory. They enjoy studying Physics in the laboratory. The...

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